Monday, August 9, 2010

Movie Midnight Marathon.

I've never stayed out so late for movies before and in this year I've only went to the movies once excluding yesterday!!! (ノ_・。)クスン anyways we decided to watch Salt first coz Mich didn't mind watching it again. Salt its a more than action movie, its a wooohhH!!! I suck at describing the movie, and my thoughts after that. Twist of stories here and there but wooh I love her last act on Ted Winter, whereby she jumped over the stairs with her handcuffs over Ted Winter's neck to kill him!!!! that's one good move!!! -===卍ヽ( ̄ー* ̄)ピタッ

Then when we finished Salt, we were pending what to watch. The closest time for next movie was Inception.... dannnnnggg we rushed to get the tix. hahaha. Overall the storyline is not bad, but it was darn boring in the middle part, I tried to keep myself awake but it was way too boring but the ending was really good and it leaves up to our imagination if Cobb is still back to reality or dreaming. your choice. ヽ (´ー`)┌ フフフ

My FOTD for yesterday. ALP says its like cheating match make photo =.=''' she says the expression is too innocence for my character and personality. LOL!!! then i decided to take out all my cards to compare the photos. gosh... big difference for most hahahaha. oh well. its the photos.

one darn pimple scar on the face *sobsob*
Etude house Auto-proof eyeliner 1
Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner black
Kohl white eyeliner
Daiso eyelashes 6
Dollywink eyelashes 2
Random cheap eyelashes (for bottom ones)
Max brown color contacts
Skin79 Gold BB Cream
Laneige Skin Veil Liquid Foundation 13
Mac Sheer Peach Blush
Clinique Blushwear Cream stick 05 Shy Blush

Was lazy to put any rouge.... Since I knew I was going out for dinner anyways... hahah save the trouble to put them again. gosh its no wonder why I can't finish all my lippies. will post up my buys on Saturday soon. Kino 20% off last few days ago hahaa.....

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  1. Clicked click! I want to watch this 2 movies too!!! N pretty pretty face! =D

  2. @ Harumi-chan ~~~ sanyuu!!! hehehe.... go watch!! its worth the money to !!!

  3. You have a very nice make up style.

  4. I saw those two movies recently as well an agree with your reviews. Inception was a disappointment. Visually there was some interesting stuff, but I get the feeling that reading it as a science fiction book would be more interesting than the movie.

  5. @ Sakie and Thomas Gantz. ya!! i think the book probably have more juicy descriptions hahaha. probably I should source for the book. if there is one that is. hahaha

  6. Inception!
    I really loved the movie... >O<

  7. @ Skillybow. hahah the storyline is good but just that too much talking.... watch SALT!!!

  8. Apply lipliner, at least there's still some color after eating :)

  9. @ AtelierBeauty. thanks for the tip. shall try the next time ^_^

  10. I love your makeup style! It makes you to look like a barbie doll!! XDXD Kawaii ne!!! XDXD

  11. @ ☆rabbito-bonbon☆. arigatou ne!!!


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