Wednesday, August 4, 2010


went long beach @ IMM last Saturday for dad's birthday celebration.
even though its like well known *i guess* I've never been there before, not that i remember. oh wells..... hahahaha....

FOTD for that day.... I know its weird to put on makeup yet wearing my specs. but my eyes had irritation for sometime so I skipped the idea of wearing contacts. anyways can't really see da makeup anyways.... ignore the messy background ahahah.... Now on to the food *'ー'*)_■ チョコハイカガ?

Cereal prawns...sweet and yummy.... the prawns are really big and nice... ♥

yummmmm what's a birthday dinner at a seafood restaurant without any beer??? ヾ(@⌒▽⌒@)ノワーイ! 幸せだ and as usual, Ian is the only one that prefers his dinner without beer hahaha.

long beans... confession here. I didn't ate those at all!! but my dad just loves those long beans... i was still pigging myself with the prawns when this dish was served and before long the next dish was up, thus forgot about this dish!!!

ROASTED DUCK SKIN!!! gosh!!! my favorite!!!(^O^)/C□☆□D\(^_^ ) カンパーイ!too good to be missed out!!! and we actually changed the roasted chicken to this and paid extra S$20. which I feel its worth. best ever!!!

Then the main lead for the day!!!! black pepper crab!!!!\(*T▽T*)/ワーイ♪ the crabs were really fresh!!! I mean its so fresh that I took out the shell and the meat was still intact nicely and tender taste!!! *drowned in it*

Not bad for steamed fish but the taste is not really what I like. neither do I actually like to eat fish in the first place. *bleh*

Worse of all dish actually. Just taste a little rubberish. probably its left out too long since we were all busy pigging out the crab hahahahaha

Meat of the duck, gong bao ya!!!宫宝鸭. not bad but the meat is a little dry though.

Almond logan dessert. hate almond taste so took the logan. nothing fancy actually for the dinner. way normal.

But love the dinner totally!!! would have signed up for their LB card if we actually have the spare cash to dine in there often but nah.... total up was S$300+ i think can't remember oh wells. i paid S$50. *shrugs* the service there is good too!!! the lovely waitress and waiter who served us, kept our needs in mind and really polite!!! *thumbs up*

sad thing today for me.... i think my toshiba 803T officially died... batt i think. can't get it charging neither is it waking up ハァ━(-д-;)━ァ...its been with me for nearly 4 years. one of the longest phone that I kept with me. oh wells... R.I.P phone


  1. It's been a while since I've had almond longan. Now I WANT~~~~~

  2. @ AtelierBeauty. hahaha should have told me!!! we got 6 but only 5 people were present....

  3. I love seafoods!! kyaa.. youre making me hungry you know.. hehe

    Anyway that prawns looks really yummy and that crab too..
    hmm I havent tried eating duck though~~ haha I have this cute image of a duckling whose being killed then cooked (then they have X as eyes) :P so i stay out of duck meals :P LOL

  4. @ Mariko Jessica. hehehe seafoods are loved!!! hehehe yeap prawns and that crab were really yummy :O!!!! NOOOOOOOO you watched too much cartoons hahaha you should try them one day!!!

  5. Wow, that dinner looks great! Love the flower in your first dish, and I agree, I'd definitely need a beet with mine too =)

  6. @ Miss*Kimmy. yeappppiii!!! good food muz go with beer hahaha =D

  7. All the foods looks soooo tasty XD I can't decide which one I would want :D I love food!

  8. @ Sanna - hahaha..... me too if i have to choose... everything was yummy except the mee and i don't like almond hahaha


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