Friday, July 30, 2010


something came in the mail today! got a little shocked coz I don't remember having anything that's supposed to be mailed to me apart from my bestbuys which came on Tuesday I think hahaha.
I think I got this free sample by reading someone's blog and emailed for free ahhaa. Haven got around trying it though.

seriously I can't remember but anyways shall try and see if its good for my skin anot. :)

Next my bestbuys selections came!! but no one was when they came!!! gosh!!! the person actually placed it in one of the shoes box outside... =.=''' oh wells at least the person tried to call me i think 6 times but i was away from my phone *shrugs* here are the goodies!!!

skincare and makeup minis!!!!

Estee Laude lippie palette.

the colors ♥

The look of the colors in the palette itself.

Pink Parfait, Pinkberry, Crystal Pink, Candy
I personally like the pinkberry and the crystal pink color my lips feel moist after applying it. and it does have the fragrance smell hahaha but then on my lips it doesn't shows really much because my lips are already rosy enough.

CLINIQUE's Blushwear Cream Stick #05 Shy Blush

One on the left is applied with MAC's sheer peach blusher, the one on the right is just one stamp hahaa.
I tried it with the MAC's sheer peach blusher today and found it good. I was afraid of it being too red so I applied with sheer peach but it wasn't really red after spreading out and the color is really lasting. Below is the failed attempt at taking photos of the blush color hahaha

Lastly the other makeup product that I bought thru bestbuys.

Clinique's Color Surge Eye Shadow Duo

Like the colors!!! makes me wanna eat sour plum hahaha

Easily applied on!!!But the lighter color doesn't seems to show well on my skin though...

Ok, never really took my makeup end product partly because I'm having a bad hair week!!! my hair is neither here nor there!!! *sob sob* waiting for it to grow faster!! so I can bun up my hair again!!! Now I'm thinking should i trim my bangs or let it grow and just wear a wig fringe?? Waiting for my other purchase to come~~~~ OPI nail polish and my clothes la la la ~~~
and also my Leah-inspired bag to come too!!! ordered it today from bagspace, the amber color one... its pretty!!! even though I wanted to get a bucket bag but after seeing the Leah-inspired bag, I just wanna get that instead!!! its pretty and seems lots of compartment for people like me hahaha. I hope it really looks like the one in the photo

pretty color isn't it??? :) my colleague got the bronze-brown one... just made my payment waiting for it to arrive thru my doorsteps. :) gosh seeems like I'm spending a lot!!! Need to save save save.


  1. Purchasing items online and receiving them is such a bliss isn't it :P yet we'll never get satisfied with the stuffs we bought, and we wanted more! Sometimes i buy the same items again, only.. a slight different colours :P indistinguishable with my bf's eyes LOL

  2. @ **~Pu-3~**. yes!!! its a bliss when you receive them but its not when your bills comes hahaha... ya!!! there's so much that we want but so little we can buy.... hahaha... yeappppp!!! guys just don't appreciate the difference in the colors hahaha

  3. I love eyeshadow!! Looks so nice ne o(^-^)o

  4. @ ☆rabbito-bonbon☆. yeap its pretty isn't it??? :)

  5. That is cool that you got that one package without even ordering it, and I'm glad you could get your order delivered OK.

  6. @ Sakie and Thomas Gantz. yeap!!!! but I've yet to try it out hehehe..... ya!!! it was lucky that my mum found it in the shoe box


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