Sunday, July 18, 2010

out with harumi-chan~~~

( ゚▽゚)/コンバンハ ok 3 posts in a day is a little too much I guess.... but it wasn't meant to be... not the phone testing post at least. I think I'll be back posting most of the posts that are coming up soon coz didn't really had the time to post the past few days... *gosh finding excuses* Wishing that Iphone 4 will arrive soon and I'll be able to get it soon THEN i can post up as often as I can. (⌒_⌒) ニコリ

Went out with Harumi-chan on Friday for dinner and shoes hunt!!! yes we need new pair of shoes for work!!! BUT first we need to fill up our stomach. went Hereen since we wanted to check out ALT3 too. Hereen is now officially a ghost shopping center!!! practically there isn't much crowd as it was before. probably a few years ago. Now without HMV, it's practically no one wanna go there.

Went in to Waraku, but the menu wasn't very much tempting so we walked out. darn embarrassed hahahah!!! [壁]0^)o ヤッホー♪ headed to Waraku pasta, next to it nia!!! LOL!!! ok I ordered Cabonara and she ordered some Prawn Cabonara *can't remember* and there's salad along with the order, not bad. ( ̄〜; ̄)POSB/DBS card got discount.... *weeee~~~* Also there isn't much customers compared to the last time I went where I need to wait for seats!!!

The salad..... but a little discolored hahahaha....

My order: Cabonara.... not bad. but a little too much fats on the meat itself. don't really like it.

Harumi-chan's food for the day hahahhaa...Prawn Cabonara

Harumi-chan with her order... hehehe

my FOTD. but seems like my face looks a litte too fake O_____________o何でだよ???!!
Because of the flash??!!!!
After food went ALT3 to check out the place... most of the cosmetics can be found at Wastons too... and the price is the same. ok, some like SHILLS are not really found there plus its a like a full range? I don't know but pretty interesting to see some cute stuffs over there. got quite a section on Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma. But kinda well normal actually.... a little like a store that Wendy brought me to @ Tsim Sha Tsui forgot the building name but quite similar.... everyone just goes to the store and not the rest of the building hahaha.

Headed down to ION orchard after that, since we both wanted to check out TOPSHOP's KOHL makeup range. ♪d(´▽`)b♪オールオッケィ♪ Not much stuffs left on the shelf really. I did a review on the eyeliner I bought here. Went Uniqlo after that to check out their sale, saw a vest that I really like but NO SIZE for me. gotta slim down all the fats on my tummy (T-T )( T-T) ウルウル. Went off empty handed. *sob sob* Went all the way down to B4 ahahah with no reason and there's people giving popcorn samples. yummyyyy both of us found the butterscotch taste nice. decided to buy some home. I got the big pack, Harumi-chan got the small pack haha. I've got more people who eat those stuffs at home. *excuses*

The mini popcorn store!!! near the escalator.

Name of the store... Cornery hahaha cute!!!

and the biggie pack!!! can last till 2 weeks... keep in fridge though ehhehee. but I think the pack is getting emptied sooon!!!!
I think we went off track quite a bit.... ehehhe walked around b4=lots of foooooodddd!!!

Taiyaki!!! this is the chocolate banana flavor.... the both of us shared one of course!!! too full to have one each....

Harumi-chanwith her fisshhhyyy hahaha....
After that was really shoe hunting hahaha... went Charles and Keith.... hmmm the bags were more tempting than the shoes.... walked to Mitju and wooohh!!! lots of flats!!! LIKE FINALLY!!!! And this pair caught my eyes.... Harumi-chan too got the same pair in the end!!! hehehe... shoes laces are in fashion now I guess.

The other color available is pink which i think hard to match my working clothes... so ta-da!!!new shoes.
Ok at least in the end my aim was achieved!!! hehehe. I think next post I'll try to blog my last week's 2 buffets hehhe and of course my birthday cake(s)! hehehee. :X a little too many photos for this post hehehe ^_^'''


  1. wow looks great! u and harumi-chan are very cute

  2. wow the food looks so yummy im hungry now very jealous that you go to many lovely places to eat =( but its good that you share it with us! ^__^

  3. @ Joanna. hehehe..... there are lots of good food here.... and I love to show my love for food hahahaha.... =D

  4. The pasta looks delicious, but I also don't like meat with too much fat on it. :-)

  5. @ Ashley - they are delicious!! hehehe

    @ Sakie and Thomas Gantz - yeap hate those meat with too much fats on it... =( no no for me

  6. You look cute, babe! I've never tried Cabonara, it looks creamy~

  7. @ AtelierBeauty - thanks... hehee. quite :) but not as creamy as prawn Cabonara... that one super creamy hahaha. you should try them ^_^


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