Sunday, July 18, 2010

Review: Topshop's Kohl eyeliner

After reading from Rouge Deluxe that Topshop is having their own makeup range, decided to go down and check them out with my cousin Harumi on Friday but obviously we are not much fan of Topshop. hahaha didn't know any other topshops that exists in Orchard. Went down to ION outlet and :( most of the products are out of stock. darn sad!!! BUT anyways, was interested usually in the eyeliner and the eyeshadow.

Tried out their eyeshadow, didn't really work very well. Not pigmented and the color wasn't very much visible, will need quite a number of apply before it's visible. but great for light makeup. So in the end got their white eyeliner. there was only green and blue plus one white left. I took the last one. Harumi-chan was also interested in the white one.

The one on the left is applied and rubbed to make it a little smoky, good for eyeshadow too. The other one is just applied as eyeliner. I like the fact that it is easily applied and works for eyeshadow not too murky.

Me with the eyeliner, applied on the bottom of my eyelid. Slightly a little too thick when i applied it but as the hours goes, it fades off a little but it still pretty much stays on after 8 hours. It doesn't smudge as much as some eyeliners do. either that is because i didn't sweat much today and its applied on the bottom eyelid hahaha....

I will pretty much recommend for those who are looking for cheap eyeliner. only S$9 too!!! plus its easy to apply with one draw. Worth the money ^_^


  1. @ Sakie and Thomas Gantz. Thanks ^_^

  2. cute! I love the cute design on the liner

  3. @ pinkstrawberrielove. yeap!!! its cute hehehe...dots dots.... hehe


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