Sunday, July 25, 2010

Food & More....

Basically FOOD photos and posts stands more than half of my blog posts here!!! hahaha and I ♥ food can't deny that. some back dated photos and posts....

First up: Carousel @ Royal Plaza on Scotts
No photos because my phone just won't cooperate to let me transfer the photos to my computer!!! *argggH* iphone 4 shall replace its functions and everything hopefully by August!!! :) anyways it was more of a high tea with my colleagues hehehe on the 8th July.... ok everyone was like waiting in the Q for the time to reach 3.30pm before they let all costumers who made their reservations to head in....

Quite a wide selection of food ranging from dim sum to main course like laska, mee soto, prata to Japanese sushi then desserts... ♥ their desserts really good cakes!!! but I didn't ate much and I went to the washroom once to empty out then twice when I reached home... GOSH!!!

and some cards got 10% discounts plus if you drive they give you complimentary parking !!! LASTLY its halal !!! hahaha

Second up: CafeBiz @ Traders' hotel

my colleagues and I went CafeBiz @ Traders' Hotel on the 9th July to celebrate my birthday ~~~ early celebration that is. Just going to post some photos and they will just tell the story. not much actually basically a little on the buffet ~~~ quite worth if you have the UOB card. its 1-for-1. :) Do make a reservation if you ever wanna go and try....

Their variety of food isn't really big but they have really interesting servings of the seafood section hahaha... plus they even have claypot like chicken rice hohoho....

Look at the crabbie leg!!! its freaking huge hahahaa....

Cleared table hahahah

Durian dessert I skipped due to bad stomach =(

What's a buffet without a cup of coffee??? ^_^
But the bad thing after dinner??!!! I had diarrhea for 1.5 hrs in the washroom in and out. thrice !!! totally not fun!!! Vincent curse me for the buffet curse wth!!!

Third UP: Cinammon Curry House @ West Coast Plaza
again no pic why?!!! coz i forgot about my camera AGAIN and had to ask Vincent to take using his iphone 3G but forgot to ask him to transfer to me before he book in today and last week =.='''' anyways went there last Saturday for an early birthday celebration for Ian... should be called Cinammon Curry House. Can't remember but only remembered the food... we ordered the curry fish head, Kakong, Cereal Prawns, Hotplate tofu, Black Pepper chicken I think hahah can't really remember.

I ♥ the curry fish head!! is marvelous, the taste is woohhh!! and spicy. where else the Kakong is a little too normal and not too nice. The Cereal Prawns are sweet!!! O_o but the chicken made up the not too nice food hehehe. BUT THE SERVICE SUCKS! we ordered our lime juice yet it came only after all has been served like 15 minutes later. nevermind. asked for plain water after that. asked 3 times before they actually brought the drinks over. what was worse?! not all waiter/waitress were serving, some were just standing around giving you the worse blur face you've ever seen!!!! BUT when it comes to trying to get rid of us, they kept asking if they can clear the plates O_o wth!!! and the bill came faster than a sport car =.=''' seriously even though the fish head is fab I will never go back because of the service.

Talking about service. on that very same day that we went West Coast Plaza, morning we headed for dim sum at some kopitam. nothing much fanciful there. but what pissed me off that morning was the cleaner for the kopitam. usually their job is to clean the tables and clear the plates. i'm actually fine with that BUT not during when I'm still having my food half way even though my dad's done with his part!!!! seriously I hate it when I'm still enjoying my food when I see some other stranger's hands all over the table clearing the empty plates. some might think she's doing her job. once I'm like pissed. she came over to clean the second time, wanting to take away my plate!!! *pulls hair* I'm not done with my breakfast yet and THIS IS NOT A BUFFET!!! I was so pissed that I had to tell her "can you clean later? I'm still having my breakfast" its not like there isn't other tables that are dirty and empty for her to do her job. I'm not against her of doing her job BUT NOT when I'm still enjoying my food with my family. *gosh!*

Anyways... something else to change my mood....

Pearly's favorite drink hahaha... got it at the FISH MARKET SAKURAYA @ West Coast Plaza. along with that I bought this tada!!!

I like this ever since the first time I bought it @ Central Japanese market. its good but expensive. heheheh

and lastly I've got this in the mail!!!!! FROM: Sakie and Thomas Gantz got it from their giveaway hehehe.... the weird flavors of kit kats makes me wanna get them all and try!!! but the cola didn't turned out very nice actually hahaha....

I shall try to blog more often so that my posts won't be too long every time.
and I've got myself a tumblr ok. not got been there since last year but i never really use it. now trying to upload a photo or a quote a day. hahaha... that's easier than blogging a post. check it out kies??? ^_^ my tumblr
I shall post on my Kamen Rider W and Samurai Sentai figurines. Since I'm done setting all up. hahaha


  1. OMG! How much is the buffet? My god that lobster is so big! I've never lobster T-T

  2. @ AtelierBeauty- hahah its big =DDDD nvm go for the buffet sure get to eat lobster!!! the buffet I think its S$52++ for 1. but with the UOB card is 1-for-1 can call and check if the promo still on. :) I'm not too sure exactly how much coz I didn't pay but it was split among my 6 colleagues. each person paid S$40. still quite worth heheeh


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