Thursday, July 29, 2010


yeapp.... its like aired on tv every now and then... the song, pretty catchy too!!! now I'm like hooked on the song especially the chorus hehehe.... ^=^

AND Jessica Mauboy has a really lovely voice!!!! ♥♥♥And not to mention how cute Steve Appleton is... hehee... and someone just wack me.... I didn't knew Tabitha Nauser is a Singaporean... =.=''' obviously I don't watch SG idol, hmmm apart from the first season... hoho... But her voice is also powerful and lovely!! hope she survives long in this small entertainment industry here.... Because I don't really see the first and second winner having any much English entertainment biz here.... which is kinda sad though. :(

And the next song that has been repeating over and over again on my ipod is the song for 怪物くん~~~ I just totally get myself hooked on the song.... *sings along* hehehe MONSTER!!! but utube just ban the official MV

AND I'M TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH THE DANCE... not very wooohh but clean hehehe....

Quite sad that I didn't managed to get any iphone 4 appointment slots yesterday!!! *cries* I was online @ 2pm waiting but was down all the way till 2.45pm when i had to leave my com.. in the end no more slots when I got home around 6pm. *haix* so have to wait till it appears on the shelf of the retail outlets of ST.


  1. Aww poor ri chan... nvm you will get it sooner or later as long as u have the $$$ and patience! =P

  2. @ HarumiPq - hai~~~ I will wait... *_* been waiting so long already hehehee... :)


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