Sunday, June 27, 2010

Stuffs coming in!!! yippieee

( ゚▽゚)/コンバンハ my FOTD for yesterday. made an effort to doll myself up a little even though I'm just heading out to mail sugar sugar's stuffs that I promised to send to her, get stuffs from Kino and accompanying Ian to make his new specs. (ミ ̄ー ̄ミ) ニャLOL you might but at least i tried. my eyes hadn't been much cooperative the last few days thus only eyelashes but sometimes I had to take them off because it was irritating my eyes too much. and no my photo is not going to break your computer screen.

I did a little blue eyeshadow on the bottom eyelid and I like the effect. ok trying out something new though... heheev(^o^ )ー~) ニヤ my hair is growing.... probably need a little trim soon....

Got a few package on Friday ~~~~ ♥♥♥ I ♥ receiving packages hahaha... Recevied my GEO lens and OPI nails order !!! yay!!! but I'm not free enough to put on my OPI nails but I'm glad that I've managed to get Alice IN Wonderland series "Thanks so Muchness" hehehe. Finally after more than 1 month of waiting I got my GEO lens!!! saving it aside. I've opened 3 lens right now but I've got only a pair of eyes. shall stock them somewhere else.

I'm a happy girl for the day hahaha.

the moe maid candy!!! from Thomas Grant...... his giveaway.
Went Kino and finally I got my Megami June issue!! was thinking wheather to buy anot the last time I saw it but missed out and lucky the sea shipment came in and yay!!! Today Ian's Bueno's concert 2009 I think Photobook arrived @ Kino so as a good sister I went down to help him collect since he's booking in today also... tsk tsk tsk and lots of people there. its 20% off storewide!!! till tomorrow though. as I collected the PB, a few guys were like looking at me holding the PB. LOL!!! go order your own copy!!! hahaha(’-’*) フフッ・・

Went Waston to get Majolica Mascara. I'm no fan of Mascara, since I don't really know how to apply and it takes time to apply it up. so half of the time I'll prefer fake lashes over mascara.. but been wanting to try out majolica mascara. so decided to get it today but yet to try out. will see how good it is... heheheh. but the packaging is cute!!!

feel a little accomplished today but there are lots still to be done. Tomorrow is like back to school *erlack* who is happy to go back??? haha not me but concert is coming up, everyone's busy. so I think this post will last until the end of the week? i don't know might pop in on Tuesday ta ta.!


  1. I'm a school girl tomorrow too! Goodluck to us both. Hihi! Thank you so much for checking out the items Richan. ^o^

  2. @ sugar sugar. hehe... thanks for the luck but I'm no school girl ^-^;; I'm of the other role in school hehe.... you are most welcome. =D

  3. Maid Candy? How does it taste like? Never heard of it before.

  4. @ AtelierBeauty. its actually strawberry milk flavor sweet. from Japan. hehehe.... just like milky strawberry. but strawberry flavor isn't very strong though =)

  5. Pass by. Haha don't you just love the moment when you open the packages ? even you knew what it would be inside already ! Lol

  6. Kawaii! Your EOTD =) . I had to throw the Geo lenses I wore for nearly 2 mths away ytd as it was too dry and irritating! How is it compared to the lense you bought from Japan? (was it Candy magic EOS barbie lense? I loved the blue colour you wore the last time I saw you @ CNY!)

    And your Moe Maid sweet reminds me of the anime Kaichou wa maid-sama! ^.^

  7. Oh that Majolica Majorca pack looks so beautiful and stylish, I hope it will work nicely for you^^

  8. Your photo looks really cute! I like your makeup :D!

    That candy must be good, and the package is so cute!

  9. @ Daphne. yes!!! I love it when its time for me to open my package like my new toy !!! hehehe

    @ HarumiPq. thank you hehehe... ekkkK!! GEO lens gets dried up so easily????!!! :O I haven try GEO lens yet. still using the Japan one... which is good... its trio color lens right now. the blue color i forgot but I think its Max blue. that one got eye irritation that's why changed but this one current one is good =D

    hehehe... yeap!! I love the anime!!! =D

    @ さらまり. yeap..... thanks I think so far still ok... I'm using it right now...

    @ minsu. thank you ... =D
    hehe yeap... that candy is nice and I ♥ the packaging!!! ehehe

  10. Ahhhh the happiness of receiving the items you've been waiting for yes. I never seen the moe maid candy before, whats its flavor?

  11. @ **~Pu-3~**. hahaha yes yes yes... =D love the part of receiving... its strawberry milk flavor =)

    @ Ashley. thanks! =D

  12. awwww your a cutie! love the eye make-up you did! lucky you that you get to try Majolica Mascara I love their cosmetics! That's too bad they don't really have any over here! Please do a review on it!

  13. @ pinkstrawberrieslove. thanks hehehe.... i'm still trying out different stuffs. really??!! I will try do a review on it coz i'm not much of a mascara lover.


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