Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gifts ~~~~

people went overseas this holiday thus a few little gifts for me ♥ not much though hahaha. I didn't really gave people stuffs either *oopppss*|壁|(・・ )))。。。サササ

Vincent's girlfriend dropped by on Tuesday and gave us Tou Sa Bing, fresh from Malacca hahaha. And to think that Vincent is in NS right now, it was nice of her to drop by to give us this.... Well she got her mum, who went Malaysia, to get it for us.

Usually i'll eat those in packed but this one came in a box!!! freshhhh and taste really soft and nice!!! yummyy!!!〜(T▽T〜)(〜T▽T)〜

Got Chocolate from "MAMA". she went New Zeland if I'm not wrong hehehe... and got me this.... something that even though we see the brand here but not this flavor yiippi!!

This really taste fabulous!!! I still have the whole chunk in my fridge right now hahahahaオムスビ( ゚∀゚)つ (■) (■) (■) (■) (■)

Then my colleague went Japan and got Macha and Mochi Kitkats in biggie bag for us. and I took the Macha one since I always wanted to try the Macha flavor.

(*)´ー`(*)”モグモグ I just ♥ the taste!!!! milky milky and ♥ the green tea flavor!!!kyyyaaa ♥ it... I should try looking for it over the Japanese stores right here hehehe

Ok ignore my randomness.... I think my blog is more towards the food style rather than fashion hahaha I think or am I thinking too much??? hahaha foooddd!!!


  1. Too many food (> <;;) I feel hungry now! =C

  2. Everything looks yummy!!! The kitkat particularly caught my attention LOL! x)

  3. @ ☆rabbito-bonbon☆. hahah yeap i know.... go eat!!!!

    @ sugar sugar. yeap everything is yummyyy!!! and I love that kitkat!!! gonna try finding it here... milky green tea flavor ♥

  4. sweets are a girl's best friend

  5. I prefer food blog posts over fashion any day :-) I wonder where they got the green tea Kit Kat. I cannot find the strange flavors of Kit Kat anywhere I look in Tokyo anymore. :-)

  6. @Sakie and Thomas Gantz. haha... me too !! food makes me happy... they got them from Narita airport. according to my colleague who bought the whole big bag.....

  7. Love the post.. got some sweet tooth here! Makes me wanna buy some chocolate right now! =D

    Btw, as u know i had troubles w/ my blog feed lately, and its now been fixed.
    Please UNfollow me then FOLLOW me again so that my posts will now be visible in ur dashboard.
    Please do the same w/ your blogroll. Thank you so much sissy! =)


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