Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back... from a hectic week

I'm back from a hectic week from work... yes that was really busy week morning all the way till night work work work. I'm thankful that it's finally OVER!!!*dances* Ok over the week I've gotten some mails AGAIN!!! ♥♥♥ but before I show what I've got in the mail, I wanna show one of my OPI polish that I mentioned during the last post hehehe.

This is Got a Date To-Knight. I just ♥♥♥ the pink color. BUT I'm darn bad at painting my nails. =.=''' not really nice photo to see though.
then last year I've pre-ordered the Wonder Girls US album but no news SINCE then. Only this year May/June then they decided to compensate us fans by sending us a free copy of their latest album Two Different Tears.

This is mine, then after that my friend's copy came along too hehehe. Watched their live performance BUT then I still can't accept Hye-rim into the group. looks a little out in my opinion, its not that I'm against the new member, just not used to seeing her that's all.
Lastly that came on the night of the finally event that marks the end to the busy day!!! heheheh.

My winnings from will work for makeup giveaway!!!! I ♥ the Mac lipglass,blushers and the strawberry lip balm. is a total fab mail of the week!!!After receiving this giveaway I just had a total urge to get new makeup but tellling myself to stop spending so much. even though I'm getting bonus this month BUT saving comes first. if I still wanna travel end of this year or next year to Seoul. That's my aim ^_^

Last Saturday went out with Pearly & Khair!!! yeap he droved.... we went liang court for dinner at the usual place hehehe the food that we ordered for 3... we shared... my first time trying out squid ink spagetti hehehe... not bad just that the teeth really went black, stained with the ink hehe...

Then the double cheese pizza... I can't have beef, Khair can't have pork and we already had seafood.. so we settled with double cheese... yum yum...

and not forgetting our favorite!!! escargot!!! hehehe.. but it wasn't that nice that day according to Pearly, I didn't take coz too full already.... had steamboat lunch for 4 hours before that... :s

And the last dish... i had no idea what's that I think dori meat sauce?? i not too sure. but it was steaming hot and woohhh fab hahhaa

After dinner we headed down to the basement and got some crepes hahaha... i shared with Pearly... we got the Banana with chocolate ice-cream topped with brownie, Khair got strawberry with vanillan ice-cream topped with cheese cake...

yumyum... its been a long time since I last ate a crepe hehehe... ok Khair was like the backdrop for the pics hahahahaha....

After food we just wondered around since it was already 10 plus I think... walked around clark quak and that night was Argentina VS Germany.. so sad that Argentina lost! but not much of wanting to spend a clubbing or drinking night thus went off. then pearly suggested that we head down for frog porridge... i think she was pretty much craving for it already hahaha...

Khair found frog QQ~!!! haha again I didn't eat coz too full and had to wake up early on Sunday *haix* so didn't wanna bloat myself up... but look and smell nice heheheh... if got chance I'll wanna try it...S$8 for one frog though, not very cheap....Khair asked me to drive his car home after that!!! hehehe that time was already 12.30am hooot. thank god I didn't hit or something.

Khair got us Tokyo Banana & Kit kats from his recent trip to Japan!!! WASABI!!! Tokyo Banana is like too filling and yes 1 is already enough for me to handle. hahahah three of us were like drunk on Tokyo Banana. Wasabi kit kat is really♥♥♥ and I'm totally serious!! milky wasabi flavor I still have 5 in my fridge keeping it for my own savory hehehe. should try if you love the taste of wasabi hehehe....I've yet to try the cheese and the shoyou ones.....

Doesn't it just look like macha kit kat??? just that it's wasabi flavor hehehe

I was shocked to hear that one of my good online friend nana-chan has passed away. I'm such a bad person. I hadn't been active on LJ for quite some time thus, not knowing that nana-chan has passed away in April this year. its sad that no one knows what exactly happened to her. She was a lovely friend who loves to write fanfics and made my day whenever I read her fan fics... its always something to look forward. but now she's gone..... i hope she'll rest in peace wherever she is right now... thanks to aya-chan for telling that. shall post an entry just for her later on.

And yes!!! this Saturday I'm going to see 2AM showcase!!! kyyyyaaa ok if i managed to squeeze into the showcase area that is. haha. shall bring my cam along and see if I can have some nice snap shots of the boys....


  1. Ahh! I've been looking for this nail polish from the same OPI Princess collection. So nice!

    Have fun at the showcase

  2. @ AtelierBeauty. really??? I bought it off online. since its like cheaper online hehehe....yeap love the color too...

    yeap, thanks. if i managed to squeeze in that is hehehe...

  3. Squid spaghetti. Have to try it sometime. Would be funny having your teeth all black like that :-)

  4. There's something wrong with my blog dear. :(

    Anyway, I haven't received the package yet and I'll let you know when I do. I'm so sorry I've also been quite busy lately so I haven't been posting as much as I used to and I haven't had time to visit Etude House again.

  5. Wonder girls!!!! i ♥ that song lol
    and the food looks sooooo yummy... CREPES!! =)

  6. Yea :) im having a great holiday now in hk. But due to the 8hours jetlag, i dont rli have d time to bloghop n comment like i always do :/

    btw, is wasabi kitkat that good? *_* just hearing his name makes me wanna run away! Lol. I dont like wasabi hehehe. N i wanna try tokyo banana too!!

  7. @ Sakie and Thomas Gantz. haha you should try its fun!!!

    @ sugar sugar. no problem. do let me know once you've gotten it ^_^

    @ Joanna. yeap!!! love that song too hehehe....

    @ **~Pu-3~**. have a great trip in HK!!!!
    awwww~~~ wasabi kit kat is really good!!! hahahhaa its not that chocking so worth the try!!! and yes if you ever get the chance do try tokyo banana!!!


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