Tuesday, June 22, 2010

instant noodles (  ̄ー) ヨコガオニヤリ

( ^-^)ノ(* ^-^)ノこんばんわぁ♪ Ignore my fat face... This was my look today. I found it pretty weird.... asked my mum only to realized that my undereyes were red... probably either lack of sleep or eyes irritation....(ー○ー)=3 ハァ
This was the Dim Sum Noodles that I bought in HK!!!! HELLO KITTY hahaa. ok no fan of her but i thought it was cute.... bought this, prawn and pork flavor. the pork one is really cute !! but what really amazed me came in below!!!! LOOK!!!
Hello Kitty shaped and face fishcake!!!! OMG!!! this is like one of a kind food hahahahaヾ(〃^∇^)ノわぁい♪ darn cool!!! ok besides that amazing look the noodles was just ok average. not very fanciful....

had udon maggie for lunch. wondered who ever cooked their maggie twice?? first to boil whatever's sprayed on the maggie to keep it instant, then the second time to cook and eat??? i used to cook the maggie just once. but ever since my mum and my brother told me that there's something sprayed on the maggie just to keep it instant..... I cooked it twice ever since.... healthy safe!! hahaha.... ヘ( ̄ー ̄)ノニヤリズムッ♪

And also i've learnt something recently that sunblock that is more than PH 25 doesn't really help, according to Ian whom heard it from NUS professor, our skin can at most adsorb up to PH 15 ~ 25. Anything more than that is redundant. something new isn't it??? I used to think that PH 50 is the best for outdoor beach. but somehow hmmmmm our skin can't absorb more than PH25? then I'll stick to lesser PH, cheaper too !!! hahaha just apply more often will do then. ワーイ♪\(^ω^\)( /^ω^)/ワーイ♪

And poor Ian (・_・、) グスン he fell down during his run this morning and kkkkeeeeekkkK!!! whole skin peeled off. sadly he's in NS so can't see how badly he got hurt poor Ian. I hope the skin will heal soon....

Happy that I won Will Work for Make Up's first giveaway yippiiieeee... heheheeee...ok this is just so random hahahahah ignore my silliness...


  1. ohmigoshhhh!!! that hello kitty noodle cup is soooooooo cute! >.<"

    you aren't fat. you're just thinking that you are. ^-^

  2. @ sugar sugar. hahaha. it's sure cute!!!! i wonder if I can find those here too then I can see more cute hello kitty faces for me to eat hahaha.... I dunno this photo just makes me feel like I am..... but in fact I am fat anyway hahaha.

  3. haha you aren't. i think majority of girls just think that they're fat even if they really aren't.

    i'll go search for those noodles here too. LOL! so how did eating hello kitty feel like? LOL! >.<

  4. Hello Kitty noodle cup looks nyamii~~~~!

    o(*^ ^*)o

  5. @ sugar sguar. I am really fat. seriously!! hahah even though I tried to tell myself that I'm not fat. but I can't run away from the fact hahaha...

    yeap you should too!! if I ever find one here I'll send to you =D hehe.... happy!! coz I never liked the cat without nose :P I prefer their brother company's cat Nyan Nyan Nyanko hehehe....

    @ ☆rabbito-bonbon☆. yeap looks yummy but the taste was only so-so..... can try if you are a hello kitty fan hehehe

  6. hahaha! thank you and if ever i find one here i'll also send it to you. x) i've always preferred my melody over hello kitty. >o<"

  7. The hello kitty noodles Really cute!! Even if it doesn't taste nice, just looking at it also feel happy! Haha superficial ne but happy can liao! lolx.

  8. Omg~ beautifully-made hello kitty fishcakes!! o_O

    Btw~ thats a beautiful picture of you! ^_^

  9. @ sugar sugar. hahah thanks. oh really??? indeed melody is cuter than hello kitty hehehe...

    @ HarumiPq. its cute but i felt happier when I was chewing its face hehehee....

    @ **~Pu-3~**. yeap whoever came up with that idea is just brillant for both lovers and haters seriously !!! hahaha...

    thanks. =)

  10. hello kitty fishcake?! yummy

    and your face is not fat!

    and may you send me a photo of your shoes?!

  11. Hello Kitty instant mee~ so kawaii!!

    Try sweeping some white highlighter or e/s on your undereye, that will brighten up the area :)

  12. @ Ken. hehehe yeap fishcake and darn happy to chew her face hehehe.... looks swollen though =(

    yeap will send it to you once i take a photo of it hehehe.

    @ AtelierBeauty. yeap cute!!!

    oohhh thanks for the tips!!

  13. The Hello Kitty noodles are funny. Cute photo of you. :-)

  14. @ Sakie and Thomas Gantz. Yeap they are funny n chew and good for both lovers and haters hahaha... thanks =D


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