Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Favorite food in HK

(*・ェ・*)ノ~☆コンバンワ♪ too many stuffs to blog about so I'll shall blog bit by bit. hehehe (*´▽`*) プッ all in random order. coz I just uploaded all the photos and all not in order.. *sigh*
许留山(Xu Liu Shan) A famous dessert place in HK. This was ate on the last day which finally i got to eat the famous Coconut with bird nest!!!! kyyyaa it's really one of my top favorite food there love the milky stuffs inside and its really cooling dessert should try if you ever get there. (^_^) ニコッ
also from 许留山(Xu Liu Shan. This was on the 3rd day when I wanted to try out the coconut but sold out!! (ToT) then wanted to have sesame paste ALSO! sold out. then asked for egg pudding with aloe! AGAIN SOLD OUT!!! I think that day I asked for the famous food. thus ended up having this ice shaved fruit. really nice too!!! I think there's ice-cream inside can't remember but I just love the combination hehehe.
Oh yes! double pork burger @ Mac for HK$9! ( ̄▼ ̄)ノ_彡☆ばんばん! taste like sausage though but love it!
Ever famous 鱼蛋(Yu dan). Not much of my liking but it was ok. My friend like it though... tried it on the third day hehehe...
鸡蛋仔(Ji Dan Zai) Wanted to try it ever since I saw it @ Mongkok haha. waffles!!! *rofl* Love them too! finally tried it on the third day!
First Night....Pork steam rice @大家乐 is nice. not too oily and I just love the pork in HK!
Steamed bun forgot what was the filling some custard thingy? egg? cant' remember but it was really nice as the fillings are soft and thicky. Second day at a dim sum restaurant where Wendy brought us to near Jordan area.
Green tea bun with red bean and whipped cream fillings!!! gosh!!! this is total heaven!!! How I wished i had actually brought it back HOMEE. Third day @ Times Square.

Lastly, NOT FORGETTING the main food for the whole trip!!! 老婆饼(LAO PO BING)!!!!! Also known as wife cake. Bought it last day of my trip on my way back from Mongkok to Yau Ma Tei where we lived and I bought 4 boxes back. Still not enough to give around and they are fresh ones!!! can't put for more than 1 week. taste great and not too sweet!! my grandma loves it too hehehee.... they are the best out of my trip food..
Ok, this is just on food. food. food. hehehe. shall post again on other stuffs soon I hope.... グワハッハッ(≧∇≦)人(≧∇≦)人(≧∇≦)ハッハラガー


  1. Xu Liu Shan looks super nyamiiiiii~~~ :9

  2. HK food is soooo yummy! :3 Thanks for sharing all these wonderful photos. They made me hungry again. >.<

  3. @ ☆rabbito-bonbon☆. Yeap... the dessert store serve lots of yummy food. u are referring to teh coconut with bird nest right??? heheh that is my favorite of all!!

    @ Fionaa ♥. indeed hehehe!!

    @ sugar sguar. yeap they are yummy!!! makes me wanna go back and have some again. you are very much welcome hehehe.... nice food indeed makes people go hungry

  4. This was definitely a mouth-watering post! lol!
    Love the photos, they all looked oh sooo DELICIOUS!=D

  5. This entry was so lovely.. although I am hungry now :<
    Looks soooo tasty!!

  6. I'm drooling on these pics, they all look delightful! Ciao from Italy.

  7. @ ✿Lady Mitchelli✿. thanks. hehehe yeapp delicious food!!!!

    @ Sanna. thanks so did you managed to fill up your stomach??? =D

    @ mikapoka. haha. i hope it didn't get you too hungry. thanks!

  8. Omg this post made me so hungry XD
    Such yummy looking food!*O*
    The 1st one, I thought it was some kind of orange/tangerine filled with soup, at 1st look o.O

    And steamed bun! I always wanted to try bun, any kind of it, because the white outside looks so tasty!

    If I ever go to HK I'm definitely eating all this...and will end up fatter, but whatever XD

  9. I didn't get the chance to try so many food when I was in HK. Esp. those from the roadside stalls. Probably will jet over in September, heehee

  10. @ minsu. hahah it does isn't it hehe??? yeap looks like coz I think its because of the color hehe... but its really nice you should try the next time you fly to HK. =)

    yeap... it is tasty and I ♥ eating buns hehehe....

    seriously with all the shopping and walking, no matter how much you eat you wouldn't get fatter actually hehehe...

    @ AtelierBeauty- should try!!! =D everday have something different from a different place... wooohhh you'll get to jet over in September. neat, where air tix are not that ex comparing to June and Dec.... hehehe.

  11. XD the coconut with birdnest looks delicious!! XD ahhhhhh~ you are so~ right! HK have the most delicious food around! (and super cheap too!) Drools~ Im going to HK soon~ I cant wait!

  12. @ **~Pu-3~**. its really delicious!!! YOU SHOULD TRY when you get there !!! hahaha... yeap delicious but cheap... hmmmm I won't note that as super cheap for most food but nice yes.... enjoy when you get there!!!

  13. Lol~ Compare to uk and japan, they are super cheap huahaha. You will cry if you look at the menu in scotland!

  14. @ **~Pu-3~**. I know compare to Japan, HK is def cheaper. But I've to been to UK..... eeekkk I think I will.... T________________T


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