Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back to the docs again *sigh*

This was after i walked out of the polyclinic. Yes did blood test twice. first was to check if I've got any allergies. Coz this morning there were red spots appearing all over me!!! and its still there actually right now... the doc just gave me cream to apply hoping it will go away by Friday. Next blood test is to check my red blood cells. Coz according to the doc my red blood cells is actually smaller than normal red blood cells size should be. so need to check if I confirm have Thalassaemia anot. so another poke =.='''

then now my mum says she might not let me go HK which is like in 11 days time!!!! NO!!!!!!! I will cry if she doesn't let me ..... its like I'll never get to go like that.... *sobsob* last year becoz of H1N1 i didn't get to go....super upset. i shall pray hard that the red spots will go away by this Friday. :/


  1. Oh no *_* hopefully you are going to be fine soon.Im sure you're going to be alright soon! :)
    I was very sick before my dream trip to Japan too last year (and there was H1N1 problems!) Everyone stops me from going and i was really sad.
    But i recovered very soon because i wanted to. So im sure you would to :) Just keep on thinking positive, and you'll be enjoying your holiday in hk!

  2. Oh I hate blood tests, the needle going in the skin >< I really hope that everything will be fine with your tests and allergies.

    And I am also wishing that you can go on your trip without any problems! It would be so sad to miss it TT

  3. Oh no! I hope it will go away right away :<

  4. @ **~Pu-3~** - thank you !!! I'm hoping too!! ohhhh =( did you managed to go to Japan in the end???

    @ さらまり - thank you. I'm also waiting for the results =) hehehe.... yeap wishing too!!!

    @ Sanna - Thanks. I'm hoping too.

  5. I wonder why they could not just get blood the one time and then put it into the two tests so that they didn't have to get blood twice. I hope everything is OK and that you can go to HK OK.

  6. @ Sakie and Thomas Gantz *shrugs* ask the docs. but i'm getting better now thanks!! =) yeap yeap i'm looking forward to my trip *hehe*


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