Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm like allergic to fish!!! NO!!!!!○| ̄|_

○| ̄|_I just found out that due to my long illness I'M allergic to FISH!!!!! _| ̄|○ There goes my ♥ for Fillet-O-Fish burger (_ _|||) Less Sushi varieties for me to eat エーン!o(TヘT o) 。 o ○ ((゚ー゚。)クス嘘泣き♪) This is like the saddest day of my life currently I'm still itching from it right now. *gosh*! it must be the antibiotics!

Oh wells Vincent got enlisted today to the army. the whole house now left with me and my parents. gotten kinda quiet ahaha suddenly two people not around plus even worse when I'm away for 4 days for my HK trip my mum will be super lonely at home. *sings~* Lonely, I'm so Lonely, I have nobody, onnnnn~~~~ my own... ok, Mum gave me green light to go HK yes!!!! I'm not gonna waste money. I shall continue to be a good girl and eat only what I'm supposedly able to eat just in case the red spots breaks out again.

I wanna go Kamen Rider Den-O trilogy !!!! but i supposed it wont be aired here. *sigh* Shall wait for DVD \|*≧Д≦|>ダンシング♪\|*≧Д≦|>ダンシング♪ I'm totally hooked on Tensou Sentai Goseiger songs hahhaha and also Samurai Sentai ~~~ been listening to them for the past few days lalalal~~~♪♪♪ watched Yankee kun to Megane chan ep 6 kyyyyaaaaa ♥♥♥ Hongo darn cute snoozing off in class hehehe... I think Hongo looks cuter with specs ♥♥♥crazy woman here hahaha... oh wells.... shall catch up with 怪物くん been a little behind since i focused more on Tensou Sentai these days♪♪♪



  1. That's bad ne (> <;;) I also have an allergic to seafood! Worst than you! But I don't care & still eat fish squid all that o(^-^)o

    The result: My tongue feels super itchy & on the next day, I have a fever. Lol. Kakaka XDXD

    From Rabbito ♥ ☆ラビトのブログ☆

  2. Oh no! *_* Fish allergy? You poor girl! I dont think i can handle the fact since its the only thing i can eat here (and everywhere outside the muslim world, cause i cannot eat meat!).

    But dont worry, there's more delicious stuff for you to eat :P I know some people allergic to certain food that only last for a while, after that they could eat again :D Hopefully it would happen in your case

  3. ohh no isit all fish? i also hope that ur allergy is only awhile =)

  4. @☆rabbito-bonbon☆ - tsk tsk u naughty girl never stop haha.... tsk tsk tsk.... demo you should stop for your health sake ne

    @ **~Pu-3~** ooohhhh =( no meat?!!! I can't leave without meat though...i hope soo too!!! thanks.

    @ daidai bel yes all fish =( i hope that too thanks.!

  5. That is really too bad. I hope it is only a temporary thing

  6. @Sakie and Thomas Gantz i hope so too. if not I wont be able to have most of the sushi anymore T_T


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