Sunday, May 30, 2010


ハンバーガーを食べたい!!!!(>へ<) ←涙を堪える Ok ignore my random rants. I've been ill for a little too long that I forget how a hamburger taste like. Been having ham, Cha Siew, bread and porridge for food. Only today I had Chee Chong Fan and Yogurt drink for breakfast and guess what?! I puked everything out in the afternoon when i got home. What a brilliant way for my stomach to tell me its protesting other food. ε〜(;@_@) ガクン Another few more day of antibotics to be taken *sigh* what an illness I hope the lumps will go away by this week so I get to adjust my stomach for food before my HK trip ~~~

Anyways at home for sometime then decided to go and get my jacket that I was eying @ cotton on. with my mum of coz she was scare that I will faint outside mainly becoz I don't have enuff nutrition.... basically its been always cab for transport until today, i took bus home and puked my breakfast all out くすん ( ノω-、) Vesak day I went and got my jacket and a new top.... can wear to HK hehehe.♥♥♥ but my mum says the blue is a little hard to match colors though... shall post up the pics soon if I'm not too lazy enuff...

Finally finished watching Samurai Sentai along with the Movie Samurai Sentai Shinkenger VS On-ger...
and now I miss watching 松坂桃李 on my itouch oh wells at least I can try looking for the Death Game Park dorama to watch if its available though, has 石黒英雄 and 井上 正大, my other favorite actors in it hehehee. I though i'll stop watching Japanese Power Rangers after Shinkenger but I was wrong!!!! now I'm hooked on Tensu Sentai Goseiger!!!
This time round is the Angel's theme hehe and 千葉雄大超可愛い!!!!*pinch* if I only have such a cute brother hehehe.... the grown-up version of Chinen but then again Chiba doesn't look very adult either *coughs* hehehe

looks like girl though but darn cute!!! kyyyaaa゜+。:..:。+゜ (o´∀`o)──力ゎレlレl──(o´∀`o) ゜+。:..:。+... Rika mou kawaii ne!!!!! Goseipink!!!! hehehee.....ok enuff of drooling, being ill means I either sleep or eat or rot. so i ended up saving lots of dorama in my itouch that includes怪物くん、ヤンメガ、新参者、絶対零度、迷糊餐厅、会長はメイド様、怪 談レストラン, ok the list also includes anime though hehehe.... ok sooner or later my label list is gonna burst.... oh wells....

怪物くんis always darn cute and farine but also the meaning behind the different epsiodes really teaches us something to value but not in the way that 怪物くんwill value hoho...

新参者i just started watching 2 episodes? hehehe I pretty much like Abe Hiroshi's acting hehehe.... and the way Abe crack each lie is really very interesting... shall carry on watching see how the murder case gets cracked... its interesting how much lies has been said and revealed along with the murder case happened.

ヤンメガ i always wanted to get the manga but since its already on dorama might as well watch it hehehe and (*´ー`) フッ besides Hongo and Narimiya acting, Naka Risa is the main character and this is the first time I'm seeing her acting in dorama and kyyyyaaa darn cute in the dorama and not to mention her blog posts hehhe.... ok shows that I'm hooked back on doramas... need to quit this habit soon coz work are soon to pile up... *siiggghhh*

Ian and Vincent are enlisting to army next week that means the house gonna be quiet for sometime.... no one to fight for the toilet !!! yippe!! but no one to accompany me to go Kino whenever I can't get my friends *sob sob* (。┰ω┰。) there's pros and cons though *sigh* hearing them packing their bags for army *whistle* ok time for bed soon ~~~~~


  1. ahhh! he uber uber kawaiii ^____^ ♥

  2. I am sorry to hear that you threw up your breakfast! I hope you can feel better and eat more types of food soon.

    I don't know much about sentai shows, but it looks very interesting^^

  3. oh wow i had the same symptoms like you i puke out my dinner too =(

  4. @ さらまり thanks. I hope so too. =) Yearp its interesting though its meant for children hehehe.

    @ daidai bel gosh!! better take care. my condition has worsen.


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