Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Seafood Lunch on 30th April @ JB

Lots of food and fun on the way even though we reached there later than time stated BUT nevertheless we had a great lunch over there and nice!!! I shall let all the pictures of the food do the talking =D

Look at all the photos!!! I just simply can't resist the look of all the food and it was really yummy!!! ♥ the squid and the crab plus the crayfish!!! gosh it was a heavenly lunch!! but really full!!! and had leftovers to bring back too hehee...


  1. wow thats alot of food yummy >.<

  2. (> <;;) Can't resist with these nyammmmiiiii foodie XDXD

  3. @ daidai bel yes indeed hehehe.... =D was way too full to finish those!!!

    @ ☆rabbito-bonbon☆yupeaaaiii!!! lots of yummmiii foodddd!!!

  4. OH MY! what can i say apart from my belly is rumbling! ahhh the food looks so so nice!!! =)

    oh and the bb creams I got were both really good, but i prefer the missha one ^ is the etude house one? ♥

  5. Mmmm, you are making me hungry. It looks so delicious. :-)

  6. @Sakie and Thomas Gantz they are indeed delicious hehehe =)


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