Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm addicted!!!

Yes I'm currently addicted to a few animes and dorama.... I don't know where I saw this 怪談レストランand I got total hooked with that cute ghost hahaha U\(●~▽~●)Уイェーイ!

seriously very very cute!!! hahaha. I have all the current episodes in my Itouch so I can watch it on my trips... kewlllll besides 怪談レストラン, I'm also hooked on 会長はメイド様! the manga that I wanted to read hahaha♪。゜+.才才才才才才才才才才。゜+.♪ラインダンス finally its on anime... better to watch than to read. its a torture to read on screen and I don't wanna get the manga. kinda cash tight these few months though. Back date some dorama, 特上カバチ!!, yes I know its Winter dorama but I've yet to watch it, amazingly I'm hooked. yes I like 真希 hahaha. and the story seemingly interesting. up to ep. 4 now. besides winter dorama, I'm aiming to watch 怪物くん. another Arashi member dorama. the title is interesting!!! aim aim aim hahaha...besides those I'm also watching 加藤成亮's new dorama, Troubleman. i deemed it as boring in ep1 but it kinda got a little funny in ep.2.... along with one my favorite actress, 岩佐真悠子, I shall try to watch ep. 3 hahahaha... Opppsss

Arashi songs these days are appealing. just got back to listening to J-pop and Monkey Majik is total♥♥♥♥√( ̄‥ ̄√どじょうすくい! they are really good and I like their Sakura!!! and the PV is just hilarious!!! hahaha

Opppsss too many tgs hahaha....


  1. HAHA! i was watching kaidan restaurant a few weeks ago too!!! haha i only read kaichou wa maido sama's manga.. my niece watching the anime thou.. she kinda enjoys it! ^^

    i'm watching old dramas too. now watching tokyo dogs. going to watch real clothes n jin later. hahaha!!

    anyway take care n get well soon girl!! luv luv!! <3

  2. @ Pearly_yuumi hahah yay!!! its nice isn't it hehehe... :O u have da manga??? if have lend it me.... onegaishimasu!! woohhhh i think its nice =D

    i've yet to watch tokyo dogs yet.... hahaha wuwahhh hima ne....

    i will arigatou *hugs hugs*

  3. Ugh~~ (> <;;) I seldom watch anime
    already o(T^T)o

  4. @ ☆rabbito-bonbon☆ do watch if you have da time ^_^

  5. @ Sakie and Thomas Gantz - it is hahahah


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