Sunday, May 2, 2010

Harvey Norman Fair @ Expo

Ok, before i blog about my lovely seafood lunch @ JB on Friday let's talk about Harvey Norman Fair @ Expo that I went yesterday....Me and Ian went there to get a new desktop, which was like "FINALLY!" the old one broke down early this year, and it's like 7 years old now. so headed down, lots of sales over at Expo too. like Borders, Metro, Sports wear, Furniture sales.

ok then, went there and we both looked for the cheapest priced desktop and TA-DA! Acer was the only one that has the mini-CPU and screen for S$849. so before settling for that, me and Ian went to check on the specs of the desktop.... *look look* then saw that the graphic for the desktop is GeForce, so wondering hmmmmm.... asked a sales person there what's the graphic type of the cpu x3, she gave this reply "oh, this one doesn't have graphic card/drive." Me and Ian looked at each other and laugh. ┫ ̄旦 ̄┣ ロボにやり! I know that's very rude but seriously tell me, that sentence how can I not laugh and the girl is working as a sales selling computers and laptop!!! this kind of basic knowledge must know in order to answer your customers' questions isn't that so??!!! I think she got shocked with our reaction and knew she didn't answered our questions, so she got another sales person to come and answer our question. This sales person smarter, don't know, went to ask another person BUT instead of asking their own Acer staff she went to ask another brand staff(・_ ・)ジー .... I'm like O__________o nvm, the staff came and said "oh, this one integrated with the CPU not a drive on its own..." seriously, gosh!!! our question wasn't ANSWERED!!!

Anyways settled with that mini CPU with the 20" screen and waited for our invoice.... the sales who opened the invoiced asked if we are paying by cash or nets.... so Ian asked possible to pay by CC? she repeated with "paying by cash or nets?" gosh, doesn't she knows what's credit card??? asked again, she went "errr.... cash or nets?" annoyed the hell out of me, I went "can't we pay by credit card?!" she was like checking that A4 size paper for the 7 times before she answered our question. the most irritating and annoying act of the day is not even THIS PART. there's more to come.

Paid our items, went to collect. According to the not so nicely written invoice, its a full set with the 20" indicated on the side tiny. so we gotten a box, i got wary, coz there's not way can a 20" be squeezed together with my mini CPU. so went out to check. I was total right. went back, asked, the person at the redemption counter asked if WE INDICATED that 20" ourselves! WTH!!!! I was really ready to blow my top, looked for the same guy who served us. He had to call them up to ask and GUESS WHAT?!!! the blur queen who opened the invoice for us did not indicate properly the 20" LCD screen for the com as another unit!!!!!! HOW BAD CAN THE SERVICE BE??!!!!(/--)/ オテアゲ now i wonder if they just hired idiots or can't be bothered to do training.... please!!!! at least have people who knows their stuffs station at the right places. don't pop out one staff who has difficulties adding Chinese language bar and unable to type Chinese in word when the language has been set even with the help of his colleague. GOSH!!!  ̄\(−_−)/ ̄オテアゲッ

Anyways the poor guy who had to handle us had to deal with annoyed face x 6 so in the end he gave us a trolley to carry our desktop home. before i left, i took a photo of the crowd there not really crowded sooo..... tsk tsk tsk...wasted my time to handle staffs who doesn't know their stuffs....

how would you react if you were me??!!


  1. Wah it must have been such a tiring day for you to deal with such a person lol :P I would be very worried if I were you, never trust these kind of people. But at least everythings sorted in the end right ;D

  2. @**~Pu-3~** it was really tiring. kinda feared to if it doesn't fit into the description of the desktop that i want. =( yeap finally sorted out =D

  3. Yay!! Just tell me if you want to join my contest OK! o(^-^)b


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