Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lappie died after windows update

*sobs* my lappie is unable to start up after windows update on Monday Night (ノ_・。)クスン so couldn't update till now and been busy with stuffs and yesterday I was complete knock out till 7.30pm when my mum had to wake me up for dinner. darn sleepy !!!! (−_−)ノシ・・・ハァ・・・

after trying so many ways to get the lappie to start, I decided to reformat my lappie to factory setting... bye bye wallpapers I made... I don't have back up for my recent ones... bye bye to some photos that I've deleted away from my camera... (ー○ー)=3 ハァ bye bye to my taobao list that i wanna order... oh wells. at least most of the stuffs i need are on backups ... I think *ooppss*(´Д`;)/ヽァ・・・ don't like this when my lappie is like that... HATE WINDOWS UPDATE!!!! I'll never trust those again gosh!! stupid windows...

Wanna go kino ~~~ got 20% off for members this weekend ♪d(´▽`)b♪オールオッケィ♪ I'm a kino freak... ok i need new clothes!!! June faster come i wanna go HK soon~~~~~~


  1. yup i hate windows update too (-.-;;)
    i faced same problem w/ you last year~~
    anyway what's kino?? (o.o;;)

  2. @ ☆rabbito-bonbon☆ ya!! stupid windows update!!! *arggghhh* ooohh Kino = Kinokuniya. A Japanese bookstore =D

  3. yo!! u wanna get stuff fr taobao? alot?

    when ya going kino? fri? sat? ^^

  4. @ Pearly_yuumi yeap wanna get not alot hehehe... i wanna go on Saturday u wanna go??? =D


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