Sunday, April 25, 2010

One day without my Acer n itouch

yeap... i'm gonna try to survive without them tml.... getting my dad to help me buy a new stylus for my Acer phone and getting the home button of my itouch fixed tml since he's getting 5 days off. \(*T▽T*)/ワーイ♪ at least now I've got my old phone Toshiba 803T, my very first Japanese phone and its still working properly up till now. 4 years i think haha. ワーイ ( ^_^)o-o<※ ☆ パンッquite bulky but i still like it. its clamshell phone!!!! ♥ ♥ and to replace my itouch i'm down to ipod shuffle first gen geee.... better than nothing though....

Adding in songs right now.... i realised i miss listening to old songs. not really old but early 2000s ♥♥ Groups like 98 degrees, NYSC, BSB, The Moffarts, A1, A-Teens, Boyzone, Michael learns to Rock, Boyz II Men ( listened to them after they broke up though).... hehehe they are really classic. I love songs from that period though. there's one 911 song that I'm looking for but not too sure what song it is... its really very long time since i last heard it. probably during my primary school days? in the 90s though. Then 2000s they had the best songs.... or was it 1999s album?? Faith Hill Breathe ~~~~

This song is total ♥♥♥
Westlife..... my favorite Private Movie... but it wasn't one of their popular songs though

Plus One..... lots of really nice songs from this group~~~ Written on my Heart, Last Flight Out, Here in My Heart....

Michael Learns to Rock... one of my favorites from them... its a cover from Jacky Cheung's 吻别 Kiss goodbye.... which is one of the best hits too hehe

Then Chinese Pop, Energy's More than Words is my favorite.♥♥♥
This is like one of my favorite song to sing in K too in the mid 2005~ 2006 though haha...k shall flood more songs the next time... feeling darn sleepy right now... *Haix*


  1. what happened to your acer & itouch? (o.o;;)
    anyway i didn't do anything to my fringe le XPXP

  2. @ ☆rabbito-bonbon☆ - oh wanted to buy a stylus for my phone and to fix my itouch so gotta pass those to my dad to help me hehe....really?? looks different =D


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