Monday, April 26, 2010

My Pure Grey Max contacts

Me wearing the 0 degree contacts.... first one with flash to see the color hehehe.... then without my specs and with specs... hehe my eyes suddenly magnified.... pardon with all the pimples =(


  1. never mind the pimples !
    you look sooooo kawaii o(^-^)o

    you know i like it when you wear
    that glasses o(*O*)b

  2. Thanks for your comment ^___^
    you look soooooo cute!! lol the contacts look great on you! were did you get them? were they expensive? hehee i want to try them too =]

  3. @ ☆rabbito-bonbon☆ arigatou ne =DDD hehe... I ♥ those glasses too... at least it makes my face looks smaller....

    @ Joanna thank you =D i got it from not really around S$28/pair. I kinda like the biggie effect you should get them too =)

  4. ohhh grey lens seems nice .. maybe i will try it for my next round ... haa

  5. @daidai bel yeap looks nice and bigge hehehe

  6. Wow, they look gorgeous on you!!
    Grey contacts have such a mysterious quality.


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