Thursday, April 22, 2010

my new contacts

ignore this tired and bizzard look... not edited so can see the flaws on my face *boo!* ガガガ━Σ(ll゚ω゚(ll゚д゚ll)゚∀゚ll)━ン!!!this was taken when i got back from my course. was rushing out this morning so couldn't get a clear and cleaner look. *sigh* this is my trio-color contacts. looks pretty black huh? (=^^=) ニョホホホ at least my eyes looks balanced hehehe.

went to get my brows trimmed too. after course that is, not intended to but Esther Fu wanted to, so I went too and got my brows trimmed. looks like got a hole there. ハァ━(-д-;)━ァ... *total sadness* nvm shall wait for it to grow... at least now it looks neater.

i need to get myself out of this tired shell.... i need something lively to liven up my spirits right now.... *looks up at the sky*

别管我累和有点夸张的表情。看到我脸上的疤痕。好难看。。。 ガガガ━Σ(ll゚ω゚(ll゚д゚ll)゚∀゚ll)━ン!!!这是从课堂回家拍的,因为早上赶着出门,所以没拍到清醒的照片。这是我的新的隐形眼镜。看起来是黑色吧? (=^^=) ニョホホホ至少眼睛看起来满平衡的。

去修眉毛了。下课时,本来没有打算修的但Esther Fu突然要,我也跟去了。好像修到有个洞。ハァ━(-д-;)━ァ...*悲哀*算了,等它再长吧,至少现在看起来整齐。



  1. you look super cute ne o(^-^)o
    and you know i think your face
    resembles english people lol

  2. @☆rabbito-bonbon☆ arigatou ne. really??? no one have told me that I have the English look. its always the asian look. *LOL*

  3. yea i also agreed u have those English lady look which is very special & unique =)

  4. @ daidai bel - really??? hmmmm never thought of me looking like those English lady. maybe i should ask around =D ok. ignore my silliness. haha

    @ ☆rabbito-bonbon☆ - dun think so. u've got your own unique sums =D


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