Saturday, April 3, 2010


Specs!!! who likes specs like i do??? heheheh ♥ ♥♥♥ Specs is not just about functioning as a clear vision for me but also its a fashion!!! and to cover my fat face that is hahaa.... =) me and Pearly went to make our specs today !!! like FINALLY!!! we went down on Thursday but people close @ 7pm =( *saddened* what a wasted trip, but we determined to make our specs... Went down again today!!! wooottt!!! made our specs and we both go the exact same specs. apart from the degree hahahah.... =) the uncles there very nice too!!! specs were made within the 1 hr time frame, isn't that cool??!!! no need to wait until like a few days later to collect, plus is like really fast!!! less than an hour we got our specs... =) those who wanna make thick plastic specs can go down and check out. =) its at Penisular Centre B1. okie, me with the specs. photo got edited coz my face lots of pimples right now *sadden* so muz hide all pimples. no choice.


ok here's my 眼鏡たち. ok lets see.... 4 degree-ed specs, 1 non-degree specs and 3 sunglasses... i think the collection is growing soon enuff hoho.. not to mention i do wear contacts when i'm out shopping and stuffs...but never for work... coz lazy!!! and work till quite late, not good for my eyes either... so more specs more variety hehee.

LOL!!! i just realised i labeled all my photos as wordpress instead of blogspot!!! *dies* too lazy to edit it today maybe tml or next week.... gosh silly me keep thinking that I'm using my wordpress instead of blogspot.... and my wordpress isn't jellytelly either!!!!!! *dies* side track side track. =)

ok rather short, pissed off by the lack of connection right here. have enuff of unable to access to webpages!!! freaking irritating when i'm trying to blog and tweet =( so sad. ok time for bed soon gotta work tmr... that's life though *haiz*.

photos of the 四大.... on Thursday night @ ICE BAR. not very icy until we found the REALLY ICY place. *buurrrr* -9degrees!!! i look pretty round in the photo =.=''' anyways its part of snow city thus the coldness!!! buuurrr i was laughing away while taking the second photo coz too cold to speak can only laugh... coldness triggers my laughter hahaha... buuurrr


  1. those are such a great glasses! : )

  2. i am busy lately~~ so...
    sorry for the late reply~!

    thanks for the compliment~
    but i think my newest drawing
    THAT nice though (> <;;)

    really??? (o.o!!)
    we share same b-day??
    you what year ar?? XDXD

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. @ Priincess
    thanks =DDD

    @ rabbito-bonbon
    its ok =)
    but at least u can draw and i like the cute drawing!!! =D

    yeap we share the same b-day =D u are the second person that has the same b-day as me.

    @ Yuumi =D arigatou


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