Sunday, April 4, 2010

To share or not to... =)

ok, i don't celebrate Easter day soooo... its just a normal day for me.... standard routine.... work then gym with Mich.... with no makeup so i wore my new specs... =D covered most of my face which is good hahaha...while i'm trying to work here, connection at my place right now just suck biggie time ok.... erlack!! so getting connection from my phone instead seems more reliable currently... and this is not the first time I actually experienced this kinds of connection... break and break... erlack!!!! hate it so much!!! *cries*

Today has been a rainy day... sky is crying but i like it... not too warm and its a nice weather to sleep in!!! but i don't have the privilege to stay in bed all day.... warm warm.... talking abt rain... haha i told my driving instructor that it was going to rain ytd like ard 11 plus since the sky was showing its bad temper. but rain only came around 2 plus and non-stop :P and seems like it wants to cry till today.... wells clear up the warmy weather... haah

On my way home i was watching Samurai Sentai Shinkenger... =P call me childish all you want but i like these kind of shows... that includes Kamen Rider W... hehehe ok, on the MRT way back home, then halfway through a boy board and sat beside me... i didn't really notice until i felt like a shadow over me, turned a little, I realized the boy was trying to watch what I was watching on my itouch awww~~~~ so I was pending should i be nice and let him continue watching or be a selfish noona... i chose the first one... even though no sound for him, got subs... hahah he was so engrossed in the show too... but kinda too bad when i reached my stop... it was like the climax of the show.... awwww~~~But at least I tried to be nice ya know... some people don't really like it when they are watching things on their itouch/phone, then you just trying to watch what they are watching. a little rude though.

ok working, found this =D now i know the title for Ferrero Rocher ad song that is currently played here hahaa... so cute..

What other popular commercial songs that you like can share with me?? ^_^ some of the commercial songs are really cute and interesting... in my case how they link to their product that they trying to sell offf.... ahaha just like Lotte FITS commercial. there's one period of time that I actually kept singing that song.... of coz for another reason is that Takeru is in that commercial hahaha... ok time to finish off what I need to do.

我不庆祝Easter,所以今天是个普通的星期天。。。。做工后和Mich去健身。。。没化妆,带了我的心眼镜,有盖到我的脸。。。很好也。。。在这做工,但wireless network不能用。讨厌!!!现在用我的手机的GPRS来上网还比较可靠。。。已经不是第一次了,有四五次了吧。。。一下有一下没有。。。讨厌!!!

今天是雨天,老天爷一直在哭,但我喜欢。。。因为不会太闷又是个很好睡的天气!!!但我没有这个福来享受这天气睡个觉。。。。说到下雨,昨天我跟我的driving instructor说会下雨。。那时候是11点多吧。。。。天色已暗了。。。哈哈因为他说最好不要下。。。因为还没上车就裤子湿,我也在想裤子怎样湿阿?有雨伞不是不会湿吗?他说雨会喷45度弄湿裤子。。。。=.='''但雨2点多才下,还下个不停。。。哈哈。。。今天也哭了。。。。也好,天气凉凉的。。。。


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