Friday, April 2, 2010


how many cameras do you own at home???? =D I'm like total obsessed with them. the art of pictures that different cameras can come out with... not to mention the skills that is required for photography. i'm not expert myself but i like to play around with cameras. every cameras just fascinated me a lot. now I'm aiming to get Nico Digi and DIGITAL HARINEZUMI 2 hoho.... toy cameras.... those are pretty interesting isn't it?

a few cameras that I have right now.

My Fuji instant 7s bought on 31st December 2009. had to get one in time for Vincent's bday hoho. wanna get the self-mirror so i can self take. =D but the films aren't cheap... =( just like Polaroid. the camera itself is cheap for second hand but the film is like darn freaking expensive!!! gosh... =(

TLR.. =) made it from the Gakken's Otona no Kagaku (Adult Science) not too sure if it's working alright coz up till now i've yet to finish the film that i bought hehehe... =)

lastly my digi camera... =) bought 1st January 2010. =D from Best Denki... i think some sale or something.... LOL i miss using my Lumix. the zoom was damaged from dropping within my bro and my colleague whose fault i also not sure. sad!!!!

Cameras are just like another eyes of ours. it captures things and sometimes things that we do not notice until looking closer to the pictures !!!! that's the fun part and there goes the sentence "a picture speaks a thousand words" anyways will post up some photos pathetic ones from yesterday ^-^'' rather cold @ ICE BAR!!! gosh.... how to take with that temperature?

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