Thursday, April 8, 2010

A87 Maid Cafe Visit~~~

Me and Pearly went A87 Maid Cafe ytd since it was Kelly's first day at work.ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ わーい we are nice people... hoho... anyways before that we met @ westmall and took puris... hahah a little funny though waiting for Pearly to scan then post up here and before heading down we decided to have dinner first...\(★´−`)人(´▽`★)/ went Chinatown there to have the Chicken Rice which i personally like, well 2 years ago? hahah i dunno pretty long since i last went there....┏ご飯┓φ(ω・@)イタダキマス
Chicken Rice shop
This is the shop that we went. near the CK building....rather plain place but i think not bad coz its along the streets but wont get hit by cars since its like the food street @ Chinatown hehehe.
Chicken Rice
S$2 portion of the Chicken Rice, got S$3 ones for those who wanna eat lots lots....♥ for Chicken Rice lover can try out this. But the rice a little too wet for my personal likings haha but the chicken is niceeeee~~~( ^0^)/U☆U\(^_^ )Apart from the Chicken Rise we also ordered their fried Tofu.
Fried ToFu
A little plain in my opinion, but its nice also ♥ (=^^=) ニョホホホ.

After dinner we went to walk around Chinatown a bit looking for cheap perfumes but not all stuffs are cheap anyways... (・w・)Headed down to A87 Maid Cafe!!! a little hard to navigate but we managed to find our way there. overshot the place quite a bit hahah |電柱|ー ̄) 隠れニヤリ coz we were busy trying to count the steps like was it really 87 steps from the first shop house anot. Saw Kelly there and her friends went to support her too hahaha. so farine.... my first reaction was to laugh dunno why also. ok I tried to be polite!!
Anyways ordered Root Beer Beer which has a little too much Beer taste in my opinion.... wanted Cola Banana BUT!!! they ran out of COKE!!!! (*´Д`)=3ハァ・・・ super sad!!! but there's a Coke Spa nearby hohoho!! maybe Coke Spa ran out of COKE too???? (´Д`。)グスン
Root Beer Beer
My Root Beer Beer along with that Chipdale that i placed beside it. so cute hahaha...
Pearly ordered Cara OK. Coffee!!! but she never drink finish!!!! (゜-Å) ホロリ
Cara- Ok
we chatted a bit then took some photos using Pearly's camera. abit of self taken photos. hohoho... then we fooled around a little touch things here and there. decided time to go off, took photos with Kelly. Polaroid photos can be found here. ~ξヾ( ^-x-^)ブリブリ My face looks so fat OMG o(TヘTo) くぅ ok while waiting for the photos to be ready me and Pearly wrote something on their message book. haha actually mine was quite plain until they complained. ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ_彡☆バンバン!
My msg
ok still plain compare to Pearly de.... *below*
Pearly's msg
not bad right??? haha ( ̄▼ ̄)ノ_彡☆ばんばん!so next time anyone goes A87 Maid Cafe see these two message its by Pearly and ME!!!! hehehe

ok didn't really managed to wake up early today but at least its a slightly light day in my opinion. ♪d(´▽`)b♪オールオッケィ♪ but didn't really had a very good day today.... just not too good when i need to flare up my temper very tired laz! and not very happy when people call me short!! they wearing heels i'm not!(`‐●_‐´怒)ムッ I'm NOT THAT SHORT LOR!!!! {{{p(●`□´●)q}}} むかつくぅぅぅぅう〜〜〜っ!!!oh wells. *sigh* ok time for bed. long day tomorrow. something to look forward to ワーイ ( ^_^)o-o<※ ☆ パンッ.


  1. Cara OK Coffee~~!! Nice coffee name XDXD

    OK, OK, Kara OK!! XDXD

  2. @☆rabbito-bonbon☆ cute ne!!! =D hahahah but like not very nice either

  3. Glad if you like my pixel o(^-^)b
    You can take it & put on your site
    if you want to~~(*O*)/

  4. awww that's so CUTEE! chip is drinking with a straw! haah!

  5. thanks for dropping by my blog ^_^ ♥
    WOW the food looks so so nice!~~~

  6. @ priincess hehee yeap.... Chip is drinking =D
    @ Joanna thank you too ... for dropping by... =D yeap nice chicken rice !!!
    @ ☆rabbito-bonbon☆ douitashimashita!


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