Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Studio

ytd too tired to blog after work went for Cliff Robbins talk @ NIE woottt the co-founder for Music Therapy... once in a lifetime chance to listen to him... with a little too much of repetition from the videos, the talk was really interesting and touching for me....

ok as usual Sat routine..... driving lessons are on Saturdays morning for me since its the only day i can afford to go there for lessons. \(○^ω^○)/ anyways met min-chan after that coz she say wanna go for photo shot @ The Studio which she booked for slots.. not really fancy the idea but wells went with her. before that we decided to cam whore on our way there haha...

went Suntec first coz wanted to go Cotton On to get some thing but cannot find what i wanted.... so we headed to Royal sporting house where min-chan wanted her cap BUT before that we saw Etude House @ Suntec... the new outlet that was opened on April Fool... nice huh? hahaha didn't wanted to get anything since Malaysia Etude House cheaper but min-chan got pyscho-ed by the sales person there, she got a blusher, BB Magic Cream and fake lashes... not enuff to get the cute poker printed bag so I got myself fake lashes from there... the Volume one but not very thick either....

Went Pepper Lunch coz min-chan wanted to get her shaker salad BUT they no longer serve it!!!!(゜ーÅ) ホロリ so she got mashed potatoes and AGAIN no upsize drink!!! フフッ (ノへ^) うそ泣き had to get each a cup of drink. People stared at us like we are not local.... haha i admit we didn't dress very local-ish either. wiped out our cam, took a few photos and ta-da! me in my blur blur look with my loved sunglasses and my hairband.... coz no makeup thus the glasses haha

very Innocent look but no longer that already hahahaa too old for that.
Then kinda lazy to take mrt over, we took a cab over BUT the cab uncle not very nice. cannot find 22, asked us to align somewhere near the temple. (`‐●_‐´怒)ムッ what kind of attitude is that??!!! nevermind, I think he angry we cam whore during the trip hohoho
Me n Min

aligned from the taxi we saw a few statues so min-chan wanted to take with the statues... before i took, a guy was walking passed and he was nice to volunteered to help us take photo... we look like idiots though hahaha.....but the guy is nice enuff to help..... we acting like tourists... haha
Me N Min
walked one big round and managed to find it..... at a very NOT obvious location due to reconstruction of road.
The Studio
Min-chan infront of the place.... very risky to take photo coz of reconstruction of road and I was in the middle of that two way road hahaha.... min-chan helped me take my photo first, she stood there so i kinda copied her... but i find my own photo not so nice *rofl*

went in register then went up to wait, coz got quite a few people, waiting for makeup then do hair.. hahaha so we decided to cam whore our original look before the make over....and there i found my twin brother hohoho... took min-chan's cap and played with it. self cam whoring in process.
My twin
i think i passed off like a boy totally in this photo except that my hair is long that's all. twinny!!! then finally makeup time and do hair time!!! i requested for my fat face to be covered as much... thus the make up looks like thick enuff to drown ants like that ε-(;-ω-`A) フゥ…
With Thick MU

no photoshop on this photo. pure taken when i changed to my second set of clothes. darn thick for me the make up don't like it!!!。゜゜(´□`。)°゜。ワーン!! but i like my hair though.... the hairstylist is nice and she did what i wanted. a pom pom hair ( ̄ー+ ̄)ニカッ!but not very pom in this photo. only those taken in the studio can see but studio photos costs S$80 each!!! I'm not crazy to that extend to get it even though got a few quite nice ones. so we decided to take a few shots after the whole thing got out of the place after 2 hours plus wells not as bad as i thought though.
Dressing up like that its no wonder the person in charge there didn't quite believe that I'm working when min-chan says she's studying.... and min-chan is quite tall... i think near 168... i'm like 10 cm shorter than her (●´・△・`)はぁ〜
Act a little
cool? or cute? hahah

went back to Suntec... coz wanted to take puri of our "kinda makeup" before we part our ways.. and i decided to get the same cap as min-chan... wooottt ok along the way got myself a new shorts and a top... can wear for work not so bad... new clothes into my bursting closet... i need a new closet soon!!!! end off with our puris taken @ Suntec.


  1. how was it? was the shooting fun? hahaha.. what kind of pose? ^^
    nice caps! take photo of your other purchase! ^^

  2. @ Pearly_yuumi ok not very fun.... i found it rather embarrassing coz dunno how to pose... then the photographer like set a theme for us like that. min-chan was the sweet theme then mine was the cute theme.... i wanted cool =/

    arigatou ne =D later probably will take hahaha =)

  3. Then will u post the photo shooting pics?=)would love to see it =p

  4. @ daidai bel nope... coz i didn't buy the photos... is S$80 for one photo =( S$120 for two. too expensive for me already.

  5. wah exp wo haha have u seen the doddle i drawn for u =)


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