Tuesday, April 6, 2010

woke up late today AGAIN!!!またです?!!ignore my silliness. its the second time this week that I'm waking up late. went back to sleep again and woke up only around6.20am (;´ρ`) グッタリ and i'm expected to be out of the house usually by 6.30am.... la la land is so wonderful trying to stay awake while i'm blogging here i'm slowly heading towards la la land..... talking about la la land, didn't really had much good dreams recently. On Sunday night, i dreamt of bride getting killed by unstable reconstructing of traffic lights, everywhere starting to have blades flying around, someone protected me though but that person died ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ オテアゲー what kind of dream is that???!!! yesterday dreamt of going somewhere, looking for something but somehow its at a high place, and i've got Acrophobia..... wth 白旗〜♪◇\(o・Q・o)/◇ マイリマシター i need dreams of books to help me reveal the meanings.... dun like to have dreams like that. some dreams come every other time and happens in real life like years later... SCARY!

anyways silliness got me throughout the day i think, but oh wells.... the day is over, was talking to Yong on the phone just now and realised we have the same common problem.... we will always check our emails the first thing in the morning and will check consistently for new emails coming in, even on weekends.... but i think its almost everyone's habit??? i don't know i know for sure i check my emails around 10 times per day i think....[壁]ω・。)ヒョコリ its not like there's lots of email but somehow everyone's using that to update people at work, i even forwarded an email to Yong regarding about course, she say just tell her will do, why email??? some more to her work email... hahah i know that she checks that definitely everyday...ヽ(*’-^*)。she finds it weird to be receiving emails like that from friends... hahaha wells... nature of job i guess.... anyone checks their emails only like once a day??? i used to do that until i started work...

feel like getting Digital Harinezumi 2!!!!! looks cute and features like not bad.... can read some review from here. another cute toy camera but a little i dunno not as much i'll use as Digital Harinezumi, check the biscuit camera here. ok need to save up a little more to buy these... i feel so poor this whole week!!!

Park Hanbi looks cute, new T-Max member.... hmmmm so far photos of him looks hawt!!! shall wait till their new songs then i'll judge again hehehe..... hahahaok sleepy sleepy, time for bed.

今天又迟起床了。またです?!!别管我无聊。。。已经是第二次了,迟起身。。。回去睡,到了6.20am我才起来(;´ρ`) グッタリ ,而通常我是得在6.30am出门。。。。梦游世界真好,我现在在尽量的保持精神但已经在准备去梦游世界报到了。说到梦游世界,最近到的梦还真不太好。前天就梦到新娘子被在重新修补的交通灯压死,突然很多刀片在飞来飞去。有人在保护我但也被刀片割死。ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ オテアゲー那是怎样的梦吗??太慌妙了吧。昨天梦到我到一个地方,寻找东西吧。但那地方是在高处,而我又有惧高症。白旗〜♪◇\(o・Q・o)/◇ マイリマシター 我需要结梦书,不喜欢这种梦。有的梦有时会一直出现,而几年后人生中会发生。。。。恐怖!!!


很想买Digital Harinezumi 2!!!很可爱而且功能也好像不错。。。可以读一些人用过的感想在这里。还有多一个可爱但我觉得我不会像想用Digital Harinezumi 2多。看看一下饼干相机。要省钱了,很想买相机,整个礼拜感觉没钱。。。。

Park Hanbi还蛮可爱的,T-Max的新成员,只看到照片,满有性格的!!!等到他们的新歌出了再看吧。。。。困了,是该睡觉了。。。。


  1. Yup luckily it's not me!!
    Yokatta ne~~ (> <;;)

    Or else I'm going to ask my
    mummy to sue that teacher XDXD

    Rabbito is bad student XDXD

  2. Hello there~~!
    Thanks for commenting!!
    m(_ _)m

    Anyway regarding your post,
    I have bad + weird dream too!!
    I dreamt about Power Rangers
    chasing me at my primary school!!

    I wonder what's the meaning of it

  3. @ ☆rabbito-bonbon☆ thanks for your reply hehe. if you didn't do anything wrong then there's no worries hehehe. =D you are not a bad student !!! Power Rangers???!!!! weird dream!!!!! ask around?? hehehe i wanna know what does it mean also


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