Tuesday, September 22, 2015

[Sponsored] Essential CC Oil & Night Care Milk

Remember last year Essential released a product to combat bed hair issues? Essential Sleeping Hair Mask could combat bed hair, shortening the time needed to get your hair ready for work in the morning. 

This September they have relaunches the Leave On Treatment range with the brand new CC Oil and Night Care Milk! 

So what does CC in the CC oil stands for? Not colour corrector :p, but Cuticle Care. It works the same as the BB/CC cream for skincare. CC Oil protects your hair against 5 stresses, leaving you with more beautiful, less tangles and manageable hair.

What are the 5 stresses that CC Oil protects your hair against? 
Brazan Blow-Drying Stress
This stress removes moist from your hair, both insides and outside. Leaving the hair dry, brittle and susceptible for further damage. 
Cruel Combing Stress
The second stress, Cruel Combing Stress, caused by daily combing through wet hair. This action causes great hair damage as the hair follicle is at is most fragile state. Likewise, the friction caused by coming through dry hair can form hair knots which makes hair prone to unnecessary breakage. 

Spiteful Split Ends Stress
The third stress, Spiteful Split Ends Stress destroys the ends of the hair which are oldest and dries parts into two with his karate skills. Split ends can go up to 10 split per end! 
Badass Breakage Stress
The fourth stress seems so harmless, but yet it is as bad as brazan blow-dry stress! Besides daily heat styling, blow drying and brushing, other seemingly harmless actions like tying your hair into a tight ponytail or twirling your hair with your fingers exert excessive stress on your hair, resulting in hair breakage. 
Despicable Dryness Stress
The last stress, Despicable Dryness Stress, like the name suggest, it ruins the happy ending of every girl and loath at the sight of gorgeous hair. Exposure to the sun, wind or even air-conditioning can result in hair dryness. The hair cuticle that protects the hair is weakened and is unable to retain moisture within the cuticles of the hair. 

CC Oil 
To combat these 5 stresses, the Essential CC Oil coats each strand of hair with a cuticle coat protection. The cuticle coat protection leaves hair smooth and tangle-free all day! And it is easy to use! Just need to apply it on towel-dried hair or damped hair, pumping an appropriate amount, apply it from mid-hair down. And you don't have to rinse it! 

After applying CC Oil
This is my hair state after applying CC Oil. It helps in coating a layer of protection, without leaving oiliness on my hair. My hair felt smooth and tangled-free the whole day at work. 

Besides combating the 5 stresses, our hair also come in contact with Pillow Friction, this usually happens when we toss and turn at night. This friction is causes the cuticles to be misaligned. Misaligned cuticles creates frizz, resulting in the fabulous lion’s mane the next morning. But in order to "reset" the lion's mane, we have to shower early in the morning to ensure our hair looks perfect for work. But this means sacrificing our beauty sleep! T_T 
Night Care Milk
To solve this issue and get extra beauty sleep, Essential Night Care Milk helps to protects our hair from pillow friction by leaving a protective coat around each hair strand and prevent misaligned cuticles when hair rubs against the pillowcase, leaving hair more manageable the next morning. And application is as easy as abc! All we need to do is to apply this on damp hair or dry hair before we head to bed! It will do its magic throughout the night. The next morning our hair will be all ready for work! The cuticle coat protection leaves hair smooth and tangle free all day. And it contains Hair Supplement Oil, which is similar to hair’s natural oil.
The next day after applying Night Care Milk the night before
This is my hair right after I wake up, applying Night Care Milk the night before. And I am all ready to head for work! No need to "reset" my hair early in the morning and it is time to catch up for more beauty sleep. All I need to do before I head out for work is to comb my hair once and voila, my hair is as neat as it is right after shower. The best part is my hair doesn't feel oily throughout the whole day and they smell nice. 

Now Essential is having a campaign where you can win attractive prizes weekly! All you have to do is to head over to their facebook, and click Play Game or click this link to start playing the game! You will play as Essential’s Mane Hero and combat the 5 evil Hair Stress Brothers and Pesky Pillow King! 

Feeling stress that you need your dose of CC Oil and Night Care Milk? 
Now you can get it at all leading supermarkets, hypermarkets, personal care stores and pharmacies. Both retailing at $11.90 each, which is worth for all the beauty sleep you can have.

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