Monday, June 30, 2014

[Sponsored] MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask

Have you experienced tired eyes after working? Or getting dry eyes after staring your phone or computer?
I do, as my work requires me to work with my laptop. On top of that, I often wear contact lens, which result in drier eyes. Not only dry and tired, it is always hard for me to fall asleep at night as my brains got too stressed out at work. I believe most of us working adults are experiencing the same problem. Tired and dry eyes that lead to lose of sleep at night thus, our health deteriorates.

I try to avoid using my laptop after working hours to allow my eyes to rest and myself to de-stress from work. I always have this problem if I use my laptop or phone right before I go to bed, I'll never get a wink the whole night. Besides taking a break from work and laptop, I will usually go for long walks to relieve the stress in me. This allows me to relax and recharge myself for my own wellness as without relaxing and recharging myself I can't concentrate on work as I feel tired all the time. Still, this doesn't work 100 % of the time and I have been telling myself it is time to head back to doing yoga for healthier lifestyle (obviously that didn't actually worked out T_T)

Even though I get to relax after work and during the weekends, in between working hours I am still unable to get some rest for my eyes. People always say take a 10 minutes break after staring at the laptop, comp for an hour or so, allowing your eyes to take a bread. But at my workplace, even taking 10 minutes won't do any effect as there are no trees outside my windows.

Alternative to the rescue!
With MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask, I can now take a break, let my eye rest and recharge for the rest of the day. And all I need is 10 minutes to feel alive again. I've seen these on the shelves at every drugstore in Hong Kong and it is well-received by the beauties in there!

All I need to do is to place the mask over my eyes for 10 minutes and the mask will do its wonders during that period. It will self warm to a comfortable 40℃, with heat spreading to gently envelop my eyes. Steam produced from the heat moistens the skin area around the eye and relieves tired eyes.
It really does wonders as I like to use it everywhere I can as it is convenient to bring around, even on a flight to my destination. Even my dad loves to use it as he drives around daily, has dry eyes, this makes it is harder for him to concentrate on the road. So every night, before bed he would too, use MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask to help his eyes relax and recharge for the next day.

Besides on the go, before sleep, I will also try to sneak a mask during office hours to recharge my tired eyes. Especially when I'm using the computer for long hours, I will definitely have a box in the office, ready for me to recharge. As my eyes gets stressed out easily, using MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask helps in relaxing for work.

But the best time for me to use is before sleep, as the comfortable warm makes me feel relax, allowing my eyes to relax its muscles and ready to go to bed.

Places and time you can use the Steam Eye Mask

MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask comes in 4 variants and each box contains 5 pieces:

For people who are sensitive to aroma, the unscented one is the best choice, even though the aroma of the rest is not that overwhelming. I personally like the Chamomile-ginger aroma as it gives a lovely scent that allows me to sleep better at night after use. And after using the mask, I always find that my eyes looks more awake and brighter instead of looking like a dull ducky.

And the Steam Mask looks pretty, I don't have to worry looking like a weirdo when I use them at work or on the go. Pretty purple polka dots, and it is easy to use.
Lovely purple polka dots
Tear the earloop section apart and you can use it. The eye mask will warm once it is in contact with the air, just nice when I use it, it is warm for my eyes. *smells the air*
Tear the middle section

Hook over the ears to ensure that the steam mask won't drop off

After usage, I can just dispose it easily and it is so convenient.

Now you request for a sample of one piece @ to try out before you make your purchase. I'm sure that one piece sample will convince you to stock them up.

Wanna stock up your slash of MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask for brighter and healthier eyes?
It is now available for sale at Guardian and Watsons outlets at S$6.50 per box of 5 pcs.

Show us how you use your MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask on instagram now! From now till 31 July 2014, share the most unique way of using the Steam Eye Mask and tag @MegRhythmSG, #MegRhythm. You could be one of the lucky winner to walk away with a Relaxation kit worth $50! Remember to follow @MegRhythmSG on instagram for more information.

This is how I use mine:
How about you? :D 

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