Monday, June 2, 2014

[Sponsored] BeautyBiotics Dream Cream Exfoliating Jelly

Sometimes I always wonder how to remove dead skin cells without deep cleansing my face. I have sensitive skin which reacts badly towards deep cleansing. But now I do not have to worry. Beautybiotics, demonological cosmetic, have a great product for sensitive skin.
Introducing you their Dream Cream Exfoliating Jelly, which is gentle for sensitive skin. *hooray*
So why are they good for sensitive skin?
Exfoliating Jelly is a dermatologically formulated gentle exfoliating peel that helps unclog pores, remove impurities and dead skin to enhance your skin’s absorption of nutrients. It contains fruit derived AHA + BHA enzymes that gently exfoliates skin to restore clarity, brilliance and radiance.
It actually uses natural ingredients, which are good for skin and allows skins to absorb the nutrients faster. That is something that I definitely need now to get radiance skin before my big day ~~~
Jelly form
It is easy to apply as the exfoliating jelly is scentless. All I have to do is to ensure that my face is dry before using it. And I only have to use it twice a week to clean my face, this is easy enough for me to keep up in my beauty regime.  In one application I can see the effects of it.
Can see that my face has a red patch and looks dull.
In just the first usage, I can feel that my face is cleaner and looks more radiant. Its been quite some time since my face looks this radiant after one exfoliation. :p And I can see all the impurities and dead skin exfoliated, something that I won't want to keep on my skin to further clog my pore. I can feel my skin goes dancing in happiness. 

So besides clearing the dirt and restore clarity, BeautyBiotics Dream Cream Exfoliating Jelly also have the following benefits: 
• Removes Black Heads and Dead Skin
• Clears Sebum and Bacteria
• Unclog Pores
• Restores Skin Radiance and Brilliance
• Speeds Up Skin Renewal
• Improve Absorption Of Skincare Products
Definitely a product great for everyone!! But remember to take note that after using this product, your skin will tend to be a little more sensitive to sunlight due to the natural ingredients. A simple step to tackle this problem is to apply sunscreen/sunblock of at least SPF15 or higher and less exposure to sunlight. (: Wells, it isn't a problem for me as I can't leave the house without my sunscreen SPF50.

So where to get this great product? 
BeautyBiotics Dream Cream Exfoliating Jelly is only sold @ Wastons for $43/150ml.

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