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Xiaomi Singapore first' Fan Meet! [Photos heavy]

Credits: XiaomiSG Facebook
Had a chance to go for this event was a dream come true. (Coz I get to meet Hugo personally). And I was super excited for this event for this is like their first even Singapore Fan Meetup. Being part of the mod team for the sub forums, all 4 of us were appointed as volunteers for this event. Following photos will be credited to the photographers as that day I was moving around like a bouncy bunny and my friend took my camera and helped took some photos and the interviews too. ^_^
Their big banner outside Limehouse. Credits: Samyoungct
The event was held @ Limehouse level 2 which is quite a cosy place. I would love to head back there again for events (if there's any) and their staffs there are pretty nice for they were happily interacting with us too. ^_^

The volunteers were there early to help out in setting up and also to prepare for registration. We needed to verify all invited users as there were limited goodie bags. And also we managed to meet Hugo when he was entering, but perspiring. :p
All the goodie bags prepared for the fans. Credits: Angel
Colourful cube chairs placed while Hugo is at that corner setting out the slides. Credits: WS
Exciting prizes for the lucky draw. Credits:WS
Posing with the goodie bag. Credits: WS
So what did all attendees got? There are three items that were given in the goodie bag:
Mi Portable Wifi. Credits: WS
MIUI White T-Shirt. Credits: WS
MI Bunny!! Credits: WS
I think all fans felt pampered with the door gifts. hehe wells, I was. And I had the volunteer T-Shirt too. Its the Black MIUI T-Shirt. *heehee*Being still a kid at heart, I was happily hugging the sheep Mi bunny throughout the whole event. If you can actually spot me in the group photo. :p
And I took out my Sheep Mi Bunny!! *hugs* Credits: Angel
And did you spot the tags? yes, everyone who attended the event too, got a tag, labeled as Fan with a MITU stamp. (I was happily stamping away and busy at the registration counter :p)
SO before everyone started streaming in, I was happily playing around with the sheep mi bunny. Of coz with some fun friends.
A blur photo, but I though my pose was funny *whahaha* Thank you for these people plus Angel, the camera woman. Credits: Angel
After play, time to start work and here's me working at the registration counter. No i didn't slack. We had 61 participants here, along with the staffs and others. (:
Busy checking details. Credits: WS 
While waiting for the event to start, Fans were all told to change to the given MIUI T-shirt for the group photo at the end of the event.
Fans changing to their MIUI Tee while waiting for the event to start. And John checking the screen :p Credits: WS
The event started promptly at 2pm, since like 95% of the fans have arrived and waiting eagerly.
Amanda (Global Marketing Executive)getting everything to sit down before Hugo moves into the centre stage. Credits: Angel
And here's Hugo, taking the centre stage like the wind.
Mesmerising everyone with his handsome looks and speech. Credits: Angel.
So Hugo started off with the history of MIUI and how it has evolved its internet presence till now. That includes the screen shoots of their previous BBS and forum layout. Also, he introduced the initial xiaomi staffs strength with a group photo in his slide.
Ta-da, Angel managed to capture a photo of it. Credits: Angel
After the slides and talk about MIUI history, he went on to show the different fan sites from different countries. I lost count after 5. T_T But some of the fan sites are amazingly done, really beautiful. I am amazed how much effort each fan site has put in to bring the beauty out of MIUI.

After Hugo's talk was Ren Tian's talk on MIUI ROM history and design concept. I admit I didn't use the previous designs. I started with my first MIUI, that's V5, on Mi3. But from the feedbacks given from WS and ALP, MIUI did focus a lot on their UI and designs. I do like the security app which is one of the best I've ever used. However, based on optimisation ROM, they are not really on that level yet. (Ok, shall keep my mouth shut for now).
Wrong settings here but at least we managed to get his details on screen. (: Credits: WS
Woah!! That's a lot of users within 4 years. (: Credits: WS

First V1 look of MIUI. Credits: WS

MIUI V1 icon style. Credits: WS

What MIUI aims for. the Modern style. Credits:WS
Okaii, while the talk was going on, we had a chance to hold on to Redmi Note TD version. I just had to compare the size with my face. 
Looks longer than my faceeee. Credits: Angel
Specs of one of the Redmi Note TD Version. Credits: Angel
And Steven was nice enough to let us try out his Redmi Note TD set for comparison. *hoots*
Samsung Note 3, Redmi Note and LG Optimus G Pro. Credits: Angel
Look at the thickness! Top to bottom: LG Optimus G Pro, Redmi Note and Samsung Note 3. Credits: WS
Seems like Redmi Note is the thickest out of the three phone. But the weight is relatively around the same. To me it is still a big size phone that I won't probably consider, since it is bigger than my palm, high chance it will end up on the floor more frequent than on my hand. T_T

And of coz, being nosy about what are the prizes to be won for the event. Got to hold on to one of the Mi router, which was the third prize for the event. 
Getting all excited. Credits: Angel
After Ren Tian's talk on the designs, it was time for a short break. Many fans were actually quite thirsty and the staffs were trying their best to serve drinks as fast as they can.
Yummy refreshments for the fan. I like their Mac n Cheese ♥ Credits:WS
Hungry MIUI Fans taking their drinks 
The first round of lucky draw came after the break. They were giving away 4th and 3rd prize. 4th Prize was Mibox, for 5 lucky MIUI fans.
Busy checking the winners phone numbers. Credits: Angel
Congrats to all lucky Mi Box winners. Credits: Angel.
You know, Xiaomi has this saying, believing in something better will happen. And I did! I won the Mi router. *hahaha* Of coz, Sam too. We are the two lucky Mi router winners. I will try out my Mi Router after exams this week. *roars*
Verifying our numbers with them. Credits: WS
Two happy Mi Router winners. Credits: Angel
After the Lucky Draw was the Product Manager of Xiaomi Singapore MIUI ROM, Louis's talk about some tips and tricks in using V5.
Louis showing the set status bar. Credits: Angel
And how to manage its notifications of the apps. Credits: Angel.
After the tips and tricks was the Q&A session which everyone was looking forward to. Like *FINALLY!!* I think they really answered well for each question that was asked. 
Fank, an enthusiastic MIUI fan asking Ren Tian, Hugo and Peter questions about MIUI. Credits:WS
And lucky fans who asked about MIUI ROM were given either power bank or mi key!♥ And the news for Redmi Note release !!! According to Hugo, it will be released in SG in June instead of May. Users who want to wait for the Note which is bigger than Redmi and faster, please do wait till June for more announcement for the release.

After the Q&A session, it was the second round of lucky draw!! For 2nd and 1st prize. 2nd prize, 2 Redmi Note TD to be won, and 1st prize, 2 Mi3 to be won.
Winners of the Redmi Note. Credits: MIUI Forums
Winners of the Mi3. Credits: MIUI Forums
Which fan meet session ends without a group photo?!!! *hahah* Group photo time~~
Xiaomi Staffs trying to arrange everyone in place.  Credits: Angel
Try to make sure that we can squeeze everyone in. Credits: Angel
While trying to squeeze everyone in, we realised we need two rows of us sitting on the floor. But the floor was dirty, and Hugo, being the leader was cleaning the floor so that everyone gets to sit on clean floors. ♥♥
Hugo and Jack cleaning up the floor. :O Credits: Angel. 
Pops himself down on the floor while waiting for the rest to squeeze beside him. Credits: Angel. 
Ta-da! The lovely Group photo!! ♥ Credits: MIUI Forum 
After the fan meet event, fans were allowed to have their hands on the Redmi Note. 
Redmi Note. Credits:Angel
Redmi Note Back Cover. Credits:Angel
Redmi Note Boot up. Credits:Angel
Redmi Note Home page. Credits:Angel
Redmi Note Second Home page. Credits:Angel
Some of the fans were done playing with the Redmi note and they were Q-ing up to take a photo with Hugo. 
Look at the Q. Credits: MIUI Forums
And being a nice volunteer, I think I took almost all of their photos with Hugo in this Q. *lolz* But at least I got mine taken with him on his phone. *dance* 

I think that sums up the whole event and everyone was a lovely MIUI fan attending the event. Hopefully we get more of this event in the future. 

Stay tune for Hugo's unboxing Redmi Note video soon! 
Mist of unboxing. Credits:Angel
And also an interview video of fans and Hugo himself, by me and will be edited by WS. 
I managed to grab a few photos with Hugo after the event 
Die die, also must end with this photo. *muwahahah* 

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