Tuesday, February 11, 2014

[Tutorial] Gelish Removal

Gel Polish is the way to long lasting nails without getting colours chipped within a week or even 24 hours time frame for the nail polish to dry. However, the removal of it is a hassle when you do not have the spare to have lunch, let alone to get your relish polish removed at the nail salon. :( I know that feeling, been through the "Oh no, my nails are getting too long, I have to remove my gel nails"

After observing how my manicurist remove the gel polish, I've decided to do them at home. And it saves me the travel time and the spare time to other things ^_^
Things you need:
* Acetone (I'm still on my first bottle)
* Aluminium Foil for 10 nails
* Cotton Pads (a piece can be cut into 4 small pieces = you will need ably 2.5 cotton pads)
* Nail Butter
* Orange Stick
* Miracle Cure (optional) or Base/white coat

1. Buff the top to remove the top coat that protects the gel polish
2. Soak the cotton pads into acetone
3. Place each cotton pad on the gel polish and wrap with the aluminium foil. This is to secure the cotton pad and it heats up the process.
4. Wait between 10 to 20 minutes (rough gauge).
5. Remove the aluminium foil and the cotton pad.
6. Scrape the gel polish off with the orange stick.
7. Buffer the nails till smooth, but do not over buff as you may weaken your nails. Repeat step 6 if there are stubborn gel polish.
8. Apply either miracle cure (since acetone and buffing isn't healthy for your nails) or base coat. I would recommend a nail cure for this step.

Remember not to over buff your nails or even just buffing it to remove the gel polish. It will weaken your nails. I've seen how bad it was when a friend got hers buffed at a salon and she didn't believe in gelish for a while. :(

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