Monday, March 12, 2012

IT Fair

Headed down to the IT fair on Saturday. Weekend, yes that was really crowded, but not as bad as I thought it would have been like the past years. Had an aim in mind, to purchase a printer for my dad and my own mac book. Not like the past years, where I will walk aimlessly in the fair, hoping to get something outta there. Nope, this year, there's an aim.  So went there early with bf to have a quick lunch and headed up to the fair. They sure have more promoters at each booth than the number of customers. Its like walking down a lane filled with people welcoming you. hahaha....

Took a long time to decide which printer to buy, after all, its always the ink price that makes a difference. We ended up getting Epson cheap printer, $88. Quite worth and the Black ink usual price is about $11. Good for normal personal use when we don't print that much.

Went to epic center to check out the mac, and yes, they did have sale too. (: Lots of people Q-ing up to buy and the atm machines had long Q of people wanting to withdraw cash. pewhhhh chaos. Vin wanted the same mac as me, so ended up purchasing two macro 13" 2.8hz and free upgrade to 8gb ram. Ran into card problems, so we settled the whole payment like 1 hour later. I never felt so embarrassed before* >_

my new mac with simpsons playing ignore my reflection. :p
I think with 2 new lappy, dad's gonna scream at the electricity bills.... opppsssss..... Oh wells.
I am super interested in The Avengers movie that will only be out in May. arggggghhhhh. why did they even show the trailer during the John Cater movie. I didn't even think of it until my lecturer went asking, "anyone have seen The Avengers trailer?" I was the only one, damn, it was marketing module, so its like related. And now, on apple website, they have ad for the iTunes movie trailer app. I'm so dl-ing it right now....

Not much of a marvel fan, but I do like x-men and spiderman. I think that's enough to cover? hahaha. Plus its like, they do show their movies on tv, like Ironman. :p And I did catch Captain America, X-men First Class last year in the cinema. Its a awesome combi in the movie. Gosh and we have to wait for like another 2 months?! Faster release!!! I can only watch it after my papers. *cries* and and until now I've yet  to watch Ghost Rider 2. damn!

Random side note: Anyone going for the Cleo's Za Workshop and the Majolica workshop?? (:

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