Sunday, August 15, 2010

Review: OPI summer flutter

Okie not much of a review... hahaha okies been wanting to get this ever since I saw the colors online!!! ♥ from left to right: Flower-to-Flower, Fit a Bit, Wing it! and Catch Me in Your Net. And out of all 4, my favorite color is actually Catch Me in Your Net!!! compare to the rest its actually darker, but the color is so lovely!!! I'm hooked on those bluish-green polish these days!!!

When applied on!!! :) sorry, the bottle is too small to actually taken with my fingers. or rather my fingers aren't trained well to hold them on one each. this is actually after 2 coating. not much difference between Flower-to-Flower and Wing it! in my opinion apart from the glitters. Ok i lied, Wing it! is slightly more purple-ish as compared to Flower-to-Flower and Fit a Bit totally makes me wanna take a m&m and pop right into my mouth hahaha. and my fingers are not straight and slim =.='''

ok around 2 weeks ago I've received the bag I bought from bagspace. :) this is the Leah-inspired Shoulder bag amber color. ♥ and gosh you don't know how much i ♥ this bag. its not actually big for someone like me who prefer bigger bags as I ♥ dumping everything right into my bag hahaha but I really like how the color goes and the different compartments. it really comes in handy. and plus this color, or more towards the brown family color bags are the IN-color for me right now. love love love. haha

ok, playing with the MoreNoel app on iphone hahaha. lovely app i must say, even mich likes the way the photos turned out.


  1. @ amanda. it sure is hehehe ^_^ love it lots...

  2. I wanted those nail polish!! I love the catch me in your net, that color was super cute lol how much did you get it for?

  3. @ pinkstrawberrielove. hahah yeap!!! i ♥ cathc me in your net. =DDDD oh i got the whole set for S$22.

  4. Pretty pretty colours! Good buy!

  5. @ HarumiPq. ^_^ you wanna get??? i'm planning to get catch me in your net original size. we can buy together if you want hhehee

  6. Beautiful colours~ ^^ thank you for posting the picture, i would love to have those colours! Owh and cuuuuttee yellow bag <3 <3 <3

  7. Cute combinatin on our fingernails there :-)

  8. @ Pu3. they are lovely!!! you should get those colors!!!!

    @ Sakie and Thomas Gantz. thanks!!


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