Friday, August 13, 2010

nail polish!!! and my new toy!!!

This is the number of nail polish I ordered which came today!!! ♥ Yes this many!!! with actually only 2 actually big size bottle and 1 big size top coat, the rest are all mini sizes!!!

First up is the mini summer flutter O.P.I, been wanting to get this ever since I read the review online. the colors are just so lovely for the summer madness!!! hahaha love the colors especially teh green!!!

Out of box picture of the nail polish. The orange color looks like m&m, ever so yummy!!! ♥

Next Up is the mini Shrek forever after O.P.I hahaha. ok not mine *confessed* this is for my mum. She fell in love with the blue and the green hahaha. And i do admit that What's with the Cattitude is really nice!!!! I'm actually putting it on right now!!!!

Up close of the mini Shrek set. this is not the full set but the mini ones are just these few.

The actual sizes. hahahah of What's with the Cattitude and Lucky Lucky Lavender. Along with them are the rapid top coat mini and Top Coat.

Lastly a few minis from Orly hehehe. After trying, I actually like the Orly nail polish more than O.P.O hmmmm.....

Got my iphone 4 yesterday night, I was overjoyed!!! finally after waiting for so long I finally got my hands on my set of iphone 4!!! even though out there most of you have already gotten it. I've skipped 3GS, using iphone 4. will skip the next gen and wait for the 6th gen hahaha. crazy me!
Been playing with it and adding apps. hahah especially for photography!!!! some photos to enjoy using a few apps.

My colleague working right while i took this photo so decided to do somehting with it hahaha... using Marron mini. ♥ isn't this interesting?? hahaha ok this is just the free app. u need to purchase to get more the features.

this was after lunch hahaha... my dirty place hoho!! using morelomo app. its a free app too!!! I ♥ the lomo effect!!!!

Ok enuff of playing hahaha....


  1. wauw a lot nailpolish! love all the colors! sooo prettty!
    I need to go buy some nailpolish now lol!


  2. @Jeongie☆. yes a lot!!! its like one time buy? but I'm addicted to them now!!! hahaha.... Thanks. yes, its time for summer ok no, soon to be autumn color =DDD

  3. Yes, the photo-related iPhone aps are so much fun. Those are good. I have a ton of photo apps. I used the Hipstamatic iPhone app to take bunch of retro photos of Disney Sea some time back.

  4. @ Sakie and Thomas Gantz. ya!!! i'm addicted to most of them hahaha gosh!!! hipstamatic is really cooll!!!!!!

    @ Mariko Jessica. hahah yeappp range of different colors heheh ^_^

  5. Beautiful colours!!! Owh please owh please put it on and post it on your blog ^^ that summer colour <3 <3 <3 i would wear all different colours on my fingers, bright colourful nails bring joy!

    Omg you bought iphone4!! Im so jealous! XD I wish I have enough money to buy that, but i need to buy a macbook first! no photoshop - no life. lol

  6. @ Pu3. yeappp I will next week, when I have the time to play with the summer colors!!! hahaha yeap!!! its fun to wear different colors together!!!

    yeap!!! finally !!! iphone 4 ahhaha... yes !!! no photoshop no life!! macbook is top on the list. for me, macbook will have to wait for a while haha


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