Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My buys on Saturday

Above is the sensor to prevent people from stealing stuffs off their shop. Yes! NO I did not steal anything.... I bought this, i didn't ask for a carrier since I had quite a number of shopping bags. doing my part to save the earth, the sales girl just forgot to take it off. =.=''' bugger!! anyways, went i walked out, I think the alarm went off? i dunno, was with my headphones on and no one stopped me anyways hahaha....

The Kabuki brush from Topshop makeup section hehehe.... i've yet to try them out though, have to cut it out *sigh* Besides the Kabuki brush, I went kino, they had 20% till Sunday so got myself a few books... heheh Kino = addiction to books hahaha. Bought this since the last time I saw it, but there wasn't 20% off and I could wait since its not a magazine hehehe.

Ninja Warrior!!! hoho... don't you just love the tv variety show???

There were a few magazine on Kamen Rider W but after pending over a few, i decided to get this which comes with a dvd that I've yet to explore :P yes I'm a slowpoke. oh wells. those who know me will know how much I love Kamen Rider hehehee....

And recently I'm hooked on Summer Japanese Dorama !!! *AHHHHH* I shouldn't be watching them everyday but the stories just hooks you up like 日本人の知らない日本語, which I have the first book hehehee.... then, Nishikido Ryo's ジョーカー 許されざる捜査官, hmmmm interesting because its a detective story hahaha. then HAMMER SESSION!, with Hayami Mokomichi, its been some time since I last saw any of his dorama. もやしもん, recreated from its anime, with Nakamura Yuchi as the lead *kyyyyaaa* ♥_♥ I ♥ the anime so much that I won't miss the dorama!! Besides dorama, I've been catching up with the anime like High School of The Dead, Seikimatsu Occult Academy, 屍鬼, not forgetting the on going anime, 会長はメイド様. hehehe. its a anime and dorama craze period... PLUS KAMEN RIDER W and TENSOU SENTAI GOSEIGER is still on going hoho!!!
If I get overly timid you'll know why hahaha....

AND I'M SO HAPPY TODAY, received a miss call from ADONIS in the afternoon. good thing that I called back, because it was a call to tell them that I'm one of the 5 lucky readers of Joyce September who gets to enjoy the 7 Haven Chakra for free~~~ ♥♥♥ booked my appointment so will be enjoying it during September since I can't fix a time in August *sigh* but at least I get to enjoy this therapy treatment. thanks Joyce!!

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  1. eeee niceee shopping <33 haha so funny about the sensor!

  2. @ amanda. thanks hahaha ya!!! they totally forgot to take out the sensor :(

  3. Congrats for winning ^^

    About the sensor hmm that happened to me before the saleslady forgot to remover the sensor from my dress.. shocking though i went to other stores but no alarms haha..

    one time during high school me and my friends pulled a prank~ you know those sensors on books & cds theyre really thin right? my friends and i sticked some to our ID :P they thought the alarms were broken or something hehehe :P

  4. one time that happended to me when i was cloathes but the alarm did go off and and someone stopped me...i got so embarrased! =(

  5. @ Mariko Jessica. heheh thanks... :O thank god the alarm didnt' went off if not it'll be embarrasing hehehe...

    LOL!!! you and your friends were just cute hahaha....

    @ Joanna. oh gosh. that was really embarrasing when everyone thinks that you've stolen something. :(

  6. I HATE IT when I've paid for a merchandise and then the freaking sensor machine went off. SO EMBARRASSING!

  7. @ AtelierBeauty. totally!!! its not like you didnt' pay for it in the first place :(


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