Friday, June 11, 2010


gosh have been so-called fighting with hotmail for the past 2 hours?? I can't access to hotmail from my com or my dad's com yet I need to retrieve my itinerary for my HK flight! ンモォー!! o(*≧д≦)o″)) played around with my phone trying to forward it to my gmail and at last finally i've managed to forward this to my gmail which is able to open thank god ()´д`()ゲッソリ・・・ tired after trying to figure out ways to retrieve it. made a new header for my blog... not really new coz the pic was from the first header pic hehehe.

Ok some pics time.( ^_^)/▼☆▼\(^_^ ) チン♪
went out with ALP, Pearly and Mich ytd♥♥♥. before that I went checkup early morning and finally got discharged yeap!! ゜+。:..:。+゜ (o´∀`o)──力ゎレlレl──(o´∀`o) ゜+。:..:。+゜but the doc is also not too sure if I'm actually allergic to fish a not. she said "well, you can try again, its not life threatening anyway" (~o~) thanks doc for that!

Went town, Kino ~~~~ 20% off so i got Lucky☆Star 7, didn't see 6 on the shelf oh wells. and Switch Girl 11. both are my favorite mangas hehehe. after that went to buy my Kamen Rider Den-O mask display from an online seller and I got myself a dollywink 02 lashes. Shall try them out soon. わぁい ヽ(∇⌒ヽ)(ノ⌒∇)ノ わぁい♪ Recently Etude House lashes doesn't seems to last as long as it used to. *bleh* Ok, dinner was @ Shoteppen @ ION B3, since ALP wanted to go there for dinner hahaha. nice place but I can't eat (ー○ー)=3 ハァ coz I dare not to, I prefer to be healthy enuff to go HK before I decide that I need more good food here hahaha.
My dinner for the night. yeap Udon and a bit of soup from ALP. *sob sob* (>へ<) ←涙を堪える
ALP's Dinner. Seafood Nabe... darn yummy look!!!

Pearly's Beef Nabe ~~~~~ smell nice demo I can't take beef.
Me ~~~ cam whoring while waiting for the food hahahahha....
Pearly blocking her face and Mich face. darn clever !!
my pathetic dinner compared to ALP's hahaha. big difference hahaha....
Went walking around after dinner and found the FISH that I could eat!!! hahahaha ブハハハハ (≧∇≦)人(≧∇≦) ブハハハ ok I'm lame LOL 美味しいたい焼 Red Bean flavor hehehe.
Pearly ordered the chocolate banana flavored below.
The Taiyaki store @ ION B4.
This morning met up with ミンちゃん♥♥♥ @ IMM. ミンちゃんbrought her new puppet along~~~ Anpanman~~~~~~♥
Anpanman FLY!!!
Me cam whoring with Anpan but myeyes didn't really look good inside. (゜ーÅ) ホロリ
Anpan looks better instead.... hahaa
Again I went to buy things *tsk tsk tsk* i should leave my wallet at home which will be good hahaha. went daiso and bought lashes and nail stuffs hehehe. had break fast at this HK cafe outside daiso *bleh*! not nice!!!! アウッ (。_°)☆O=(--メ)q パーンチthe soyabean with aloera tasted too sweet for my liking and the ying yong *bleh* tasted too much milk and too little sugar!!!(xOx) wasted my money there.. neither did ミンちゃん breakfast taste nice enuff for her likings. shall never go there again.
the place where we had our breakfast
My loots.... forgot to rotate it back hahahhaa
(∴@_@∴) I kinda miss my long hair *sigh* cam whore cam whore
On the day before I went to cut my hair.....
2 days ago hahahaa.... lame me
haha ok.... long post before my trip and I'll be back in 5 days time.~~~
さ(・O・)よ(・。・) おなら(≧〜≦)=3 ブーッ!


  1. Wah new layie ar?(*^o^)/ Naisu dayo (^_-)-★ Anyway I used to think that I wanna be a bad person ( like wanting to kill people, MURDER! ) But nah. . my brain still function properly XDXD

  2. The pictures looks amazing :D Owh even the dr doesnt know whether ur really allergic to fish? Best wishes - you are not! ^^

    Owh and you love Switch Girl too? I didnt know they have a printed book for that~ what language is it in?

    Somehow~ i think short hair suit you more ^^ Cuter!

  3. That fish-thingie looks so yummy!!~
    Don't worry your haircut is really nice and suits you really well!:D
    I nominated you for a award ^^: here

  4. I like your new blog layout, it's very cute!

    I'm sorry to hear about all the trouble you had accessing your hotmail and travel itinerary. That must have been scary!

    Thank you for sharing all the great food photos, it looks so yummy! I especially like the taiyaki. I want to try that chocolate and banana flavor.

    No, I think you are way cuter than anpanman!

  5. I like your new blog layout & ur new hairstyle =) i just tagged you check it out on my blog

  6. @ ☆rabbito-bonbon☆ thanks.... LOL u are weird with that thinking hahaha.... demo u are still cute. =D

    @ **~Pu-3~** thanks... ya!!! i hope so too but i've yet to have the guts to take some fish =( yeap I ♥ Switch Girl!! they have it in Japanese and Chinese. I've yet to see it in English though. thanks hehe.

    @ minsu thanks... yeap it is yummy. and thanks for the award ~~

    @ さらまり thanks lots. yeap! it was!!! i'm starting to hate hotmail *arggghh* u should try taiyaki !!! its like pancakes with fillings hahaha. hehe. thanks again.

    @ daidai bel xie xie ni. =) will do the tag soon

  7. Looking at those pictures made me want to eat Sukiyaki for some reason. :3

    You and Anpan are sooooo kawaii! ^_^


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