Friday, June 18, 2010

Back from HK. yeap!

haha okie I'm back from my 4 days trip but was pretty tired for the past 2 days thus the late update on my trip.... basically its more of a shopping splurge rather than a sight-seeing trip which will happen the next time I guess.... ♪(゚▽^*)ノ⌒☆ shall post more about my trip and my splurge the next post hopefully... I'm still kinda strike out ever since I got back...

Time for photos to show some of my loots~~~(≧∇≦)キャー♪

My bag that I bought @ Mango HK. with the Lovely card holder from ans... I've got more stuffs from ans, just that I didn't take a photo of it... coz was going out that day and wanting to use these two lovely stuffs thus the photo... hehehe
Lush Mask ~~~ one of the item that I bought the last day not planned though... hehe went Langham place. Mandy was browsing this shop when we got out of the washroom and found interesting masks there. Tried this and wooo~~~ it sure have its effect. can try but can only last for 4 months from the manufactured date.... I'm left with 2 months with this product hehehe.
My splurge on beauty products.... Kawaii Tokyo face wash and brightening gel!!! it was such a bargain. Got it at Sasa Outlet for HK$98. last set though, if not will get more since Ian uses it too sometimes hehehe. then Skin 79 BB cream and the mini set!!! always wanting to try out but kinda ex for my pocket and its a steal there too bought it at Boujour. Along with my Sleeping Mask, Water Bank and Strawberry Yogurt mask from Lanegie. Never underestimate a girl's shopping skills hehee.
Then Dolly Wink! thought was around the same price as SG but Wendy bought me to a place that's like even cheaper!!! they are having offer for 2 @ HK$179, which is like way cheaper than SG. I bought Dolly wink lashes 2 here before I fly off at S$26.90. then the eyeliner, forgot how much was it but def way cheaper than SG.... I think was HK$98? can't remember. then Wendy recommended me Diamond lashes. will try out and see how. she says its pretty popular right now.. hehehen... the Koji hearts lashes its for someone else. from Sasa.then my accessories. kinda sad thought I will splurge more on my accessories but somehow its not as cheap as I thought. bought the usagimimi... should have bought more....~~~ sad regret but oh wells. then the hair bands and stuffs plus one necklace from temple street. I find it cute hehehe.....

anyways after my trip on that day when I touched down was the 16th, slept @ 4 plus am and woke up around 11 plus hehehe. went to my grandma's house and gave her the lao po bing (wife's biscuit) fresh and almond cake. (ノ≧∀≦)ノ・‥…━━━★ ピキューン! those lao po bing taste wonderful!!! and of coz she was happy with the food hehehe. went LC for dinner after that plus there's Kino there. *hehehe* mum's addicted to buying magazines *oppss* anyways we went to my favorite restaurant, Saizaiya. Spent around 100S$ @ LC and got their freebie T-shirt pillow ~~~ and 5 chances for the football kick to get vouchers and dad managed to goal @ the S$5 voucher 3 times and yuummmyyy!!! we spent the vouchers on strawberry shortcake (3) and chocolate bar hehehe.... what a wonderful luck! (○`〜´○)モグモグ ok even though I complained how cum he missed twice, I shouldn't not everyone can hit in 3 times....

I got nominated by minsu ~~~~ thanks.....
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I'll pass this to:
- さらまり
- Pearly N Kelly
- **~Pu-3~**
- ☆rabbito-bonbon☆
and the rest who drops by this blog can have the award !!!!

I'm happy that I won the moe candy from Exotic Japan!!!♥ reading the blog with lots of interesting stuffs about Japan heehehe..... thank you so much ~~~
ok shall continue to update the next time when I'm not too sleepyy~~~~ oyasumi~~~


  1. Haha oops dear cousin it's $24.90 retail price at Watsons! How come you spent $2 more? HK sell the lashes so cheap omg! We should go out together sometime soon window shopping huh.. Bonus coming right?! lol... And do your がくせいs read your blog??? =P

  2. Amazing haul!!!! :3 What I would give to visit HK now. LOL!

    Congratulations on winning the MOE candies from Thomas and Sakie. :3

  3. @ HarumiPq. ooppss either that I got my price mixed up was it the eyeliner that is $26.90??? hahaha..... yeap HK sell lashes cheaper.... hahah we should someday hehhee.... yeap comign $_$ LOL not that i know and i don't think so hehehehe...

    @ Sugar Sugar. thanks !! you should! for shopping splurge hehehe.... thanks. you too!!! for winning the candy doll blush!!

  4. Thanks for the award =3 Woah you bought too many eyelashes! XDXD Gimme one le XDXD

  5. Thank you! :3 I'm gonna do a FOTD with that blush and I'm really happy and excited! I'm also the type of person who doesn't win anything so that was definitely a first for me. :3

    I haven't been to HK for over a year. :( I'll really do a shopping splurge when I get there. LOL!

  6. @ ☆rabbito-bonbon☆. you are welcome hehehe.... LOL i can only give you one pair of diamond lashes though... hehehe

    @ sugar sugar. I would love to see ya FOTD with that blush. almost wanted to get candy doll!! but kinda cash strip on the second day in HK hehehe.... that's the first for me too!!!! ^5.

    you should!!! its like lots of stuffs to buy!!!


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