Monday, May 17, 2010

UFO is addictive!!!

It was Khair's Birthday on the 7th may so went out and had dinner together with Pearly, Mich, Birthday Boy, Syed and Khaz.... dinner was not bad... but me and Pearly were late coz we went to get Khair's, Syed (14/05) and Khaz (22/03) presents hahaha... opppssss and Mich came from Eunos soooo hahahhaa....
One platter and 3 people are sharing... wait no.. its' 4 people and we can't really finished all the food.... after that I had to go coz had TP the next day but before that was hengao taking session hahahaha.....

Went out with Pearly and Mich last Friday coz the 3 of us kinda free hahhaa..... went to Marina Sq and had Mr. Curry for dinner.... coz by the time we reached there was like 9 plus.... hahaha... so ordered curry and after that headed towards the bowling alley but before that was a pit stop at the UFO center..... Ok i'm like a UFO addict next after min-chan~~~~ so saw Yoshi and tried my luck.... got total 5 Yoshi, 1 Carebear, 2 Fujitv character and 1 mini stitch HP..... hahhaa.... gave one Yoshi to Pearly and mini stitch to Vincent thus not in the photo below.... gosh.... I'm soooooo addicted to UFO...... Pearly got herself a Minnie (^-^)
I think sooner or later UFO catching will be one of our hobbies soon hahaha.... anyways headed to the bowling alley and played 1 round..... Pearly started with 4 0 straight but ended with 3 strikes thus the winner for the day... owuwahhhh warm up then strike to win... Pearly BEST hahaha.... then my first time taking Night bus home.... and that took me around 1 hr to get home maybe next time try taking NR8 instead ba... might be faster.... hahaha

the weather is like darn warm these days even though it rained this morning... still I was sweating after walking up and down the stairs... gosh... decided to tie my hair up into a bun... bun totally rocks!!! cools up my neck and I don't sweat too much hahaha... bun bun bun ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ do you like bun hairstyle? =D


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