Monday, May 24, 2010


ever since my last post.... ok my last post I wasn't really genki anyways but now I can say I'm officially beaten by the virus that's inside my body.... feeling weak all over last Friday, and yes I broke down last Friday.... so went to the docs lots of pills and all making my body even weaker... now got appointment at the ENT @ NUH but waiting to change time and date....coz Thursday I have to be back to work no matter what to settle things.... *bleh* should be resting i know but I've got work not done so have to do at home.... what else can i do???

anyways i wanna go out~~~!!! but my body doesn't allow.... I wanna finish off the things at work!!! but my body doesn't allow.... I shall rot off at home then... *sigh*

what a sad post =(


  1. i also sick down with rashes no voice & coughing =(

  2. i got h1n1 lol XDXDXD
    so are you feeling better now?
    ok desu ka?? (o.o;;)

  3. @☆rabbito-bonbon☆ - gomen!! didn't know u caught H1N1 demo ima daijoubu desuka???
    i'm still on medication thought =(


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