Saturday, July 2, 2016

Taiwan Trip - CHATEAU de CHINE, Muslim-Friendly.

Continuing from my last post Taiwan Trip - Smokey Joe's Apartment Hotel (冒煙的喬_就是公寓旅店), I had a chance to visit CHATEAU de CHINE Hotel, not to stay there, but to try out their muslim-friendly meal. In a Chinese populated country, it is hard to find muslim-friendly restaurant or eatery. Perhaps there are more in Taipei, but it is definitely harder to find in Gaoxiong. At CHATEAU de CHINE Hotel, they are certified as Muslim-Friendly restaurant.
Cert is shown in the private dining room itself. 
However, advanced reservation is required with a min. booking for 8 pax as they will only get the ingredients after they get a reservation to get the freshest halal ingredients for their customers. 

Two of their private dining rooms are available for booking for halal meals and they have a separate kitchen just to prepare muslim meals. When the kitchen is not in used for halal meals, they will only use it to prepare fruits. Their cutlery used for muslim-friendly meals are properly cleansed. I had the chance to try their 7 course meal, which was booked in advanced, as I traveled with a tour, thanks to Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs, Department of Commerce.

Seasonal Vegetable with Red and Green Peppers in Mustard Sauce. Credits: 周杰克
A rather unique combination of vegetables, which I don't think I've ever ate it locally. Because of the light mustard sauce, the dish tasted a little sour-ish. I like the crunchy lotus slices and qq mushrooms. 
Pan Fried Sea Bass Filet. Credits: 周杰克
Roasted Vegetable Rice with Broth. Credits: 周杰克
At first I thought it was gonna taste like fried rice, the vegetarian version. But it didn't, this rice tasted a out of expectation. It had a little salty light taste, well blended with the vegetables. A good dish to have after so much meat.
Sautéed fresh prawns with mayonnaise & fruit. Credits: 周杰克
My favorite dish for the meal. The prawns are fresh and the mayonnaise did not over power the freshness of the prawns. The taste was well-balanced and it was so nice that I ate someone else's prawns while they were not looking. (Okay, I was kidding, they offered me)
Stir Fried Dice Beef with Sliced Garlic. Credits: 周杰克
Can't take beef, however, their beef are purchased from New Zealand. Verdict from the rest, well-cooked and tender.
Sweet Taro and Saga Soup. Credits: 周杰克
The soup is something different from what I usually have, this is rather thin in texture, quite refreshing as a ending dessert, before fruits were served. Not much of the Taro was tasted, probably because the saga is sweeter.

Overall the meal was fulfilling and full of surprise for me. Even though it was a halal meal, the presentation and taste overall was still Chinese in style :). Something worth the shot to try if you are in Gaoxiong.

Address of CHATEAU de CHINE:
No.43, Daren Rd., Yancheng Dist., Kaohsiung City 80341, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel: +886-7-521-7388
Fax: +886-7-521-7068
Call to make a reservation: (07)521-3899
Official website:

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