Sunday, August 16, 2015

[Sponsored] DrShape® 3D Spot-On Slimming - LaserSlim

Got a little fatter ever since I came back from my Korea trip last year and after coming back from my Japan trip, my weight went up a little more on the weighing scale *sob*. I was lucky to be given 3 trial sessions of Laser Slimming treatment by ClearSk Medi-Aesthetics.

This is one of their slimming programs to get rid of stubborn fat, which is especially designed for Asian bodies. This program, Laser Slimming uses powerful laser beans to induce leakage of fat globules from the adipose tissues. In layman terms, to breakdown the fats using laser beam. After which, the fats are naturally drained out through the body's lymphatic drainage system. As I've understood, is to either pee out or sweat it out.

I had this treatment at their Novena Medical Centre outlet, and they have two units, side by side, to cater to more customers.
Reception area
The reception area is nice and cosy, even if you arrived earlier, there are magazines for you to browse through while waiting.  I arrived at my appointment time and was ushered into the treatment room before I could grab any magazines to read.

Got into the treatment room and first measurements had to be taken. The states were pretty horrifying to me since the last time i measured was before my wedding and that was nearly a year ago. After looking at the stats for my waist, I've grown about 2 inches, dear lord, no wonder my s size shorts feels damn tight.

In the room, Joyce, the consultant, explained the treatment to me, where they started off with Lipo machine using the laser light to break down the fats in the tummy area (that's for me). It uses gentle laser to break down fats, mimic photo-bio-modulation to stimulate your body’s natural process for breaking down and releasing stored content in the fat cells, and followed by laser vacuum drainage to enhance the removal of released fat cell contents
Machine Used 
The four small box-like shaped are the laserlight to break down the fats.
This is how my fat tummy looks like
The box-light items are then placed at the sides and the front of my tummy to maximize the light used on the surface area that is required.
Looks liek dumpling 
I felt like dumpling for that moment. *haha* You can see the laser light from those box-light applicators. It wasn't hot or anything for me, just lied there and wait for it to do its magic.

After the laser light, it was time to drain the fats out from the body, or rather, to flash them out from the body. Since it has been broken down, the fats still needed some rolling to be flashed out.

The roller has a suction in the middle whereby it is supposed to suck on your skin and roll along the area for draining effectiveness. Before the rolling begins, Joyce applied a gel cream for easy application of the roller.
The gel cream applied all over the body.
Joyce rolling the applicator
This process was rather ticklish and painful for me, as Joyce required to use more strength so that the suction works better and she could roll off the fats better. However, there were certain places that were just slightly on top of my bones, so it kinda hurt when she rolled over the bones. :( She went gentle after I feedback to her that she was rolling on the bones. (haha) 

I was told to drink lots of water to drain out from either sweat or pee. It is best to drink plain water and lots of plain water. Quite effective I would say, as after each session I get a little peeish. *haha*

1st Session Before treatment and 3rd Session After treatment
I could see the results after 3 session, which is 30 minutes in total. After the treatment, I saw a lost of 2 cm around my waist area. Not a lot but 2 cm is quite a bit for a lazy bum like me. I even had durian before my last session (opps).  I was still rather bloated right after the 3rd session and was still peeish after peed. But after the third session I could feel the slight different when I'm wearing my clothes and my weight went down too. Not a lot, around 300gs  but it is still a significant weight lost after 30 minutes of treatment. 

LaserSlim is very good for stubborn soft fats around the waist, thighs and bottom. I've got too much soft fats for years, especially at my thighs area. They are the hardest to remove, even squats can do that much to tone them but not to remove them completely. I've tried going to gym before to reduce my weight, but somehow the fats still remains flabby.... until i lost quite a big of weight due to water actually. The fats just remains there, softer but still unable to remove them. 

LaserSlim is an effective treatment for: 
• Soft Fat Reduction 
• Tummy / Love Handles Slimming 
• Bottom / Thighs Slimming 
• Arms Slimming

This is best combined with Ushaping to shape the body for better results as LaserSlim removes the soft fats but not shaping the body. For people who are worry, there are no side effects to this treatment as it does not require any surgery and the laser light used are safe.  Also, ClearSK does not restrict your diet even if you are doing the treatment.

Besides slimming treatment, ClearSK has other treatments for wellness and beauty. Founded in 2008, ClearSK®'s mission is to be the trusted partner to our clients in their pursuit of beauty and wellness, using medical technology to make our clients look as good as they feel at any age.

ClearSK® is a one-stop provider of expert-guided medi-aesthetics solutions for the face and body, using medical technologies designed and tested by mediaesthetics experts. ClearSK® has a wide selection of medi-skincare and medi-slimming treatments that are personalised and prescribed by aesthetics experts to custom-fit the unique make-up of the individual's skin and body.
The actual treatment is 30 minutes at the price of $98 each.  If you find Novena outlet too far for you, no worries! They have outlets at Scotts Medical Center, Novena Medical Center, Velocity, Orchard, Tampines, Jurong East. They have an outlet at the different parts of this sunny island to cater to their customers. 

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