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[Sponsored] Essential - Your Perfect Solution to Combination Hair

Our hair is like our skin, when we reach a certain age, the condition of both hair and skin will change. And I just recently went through that change :( and sometimes I don't even realised it until it is too visible for the eye *OMG!* A few weeks ago, my hair roots got so oily that when I decides to skip a day wash, I looked like I just dipped my hair into a pool of oil T__________T, what a tragedy, as I wanted to ensure that my hair ends don't get washed out too often.

Because of Singapore's humid weather, we tend sweat more that results in oily scalp most of the time. To combat oily scalp, what my mum usually does is to shower in super warm water to wash away the oil. But it just damages her ends, as warm water dries up the hair condition. If she doesn't wash her hair daily, she can fix the dry ends as her scalp provides more oil for it. But that results in itchy and oily scalp (and she looked like she hadn't dried her hair at all). Hair like hers is considered as combination hair. I'm sure most of us have the same issue, Combination hair.

And in order to battle combination hair, we have to alternate using shampoos and conditioner. A friend once mentioned before, sometimes we do have to use cleansing shampoo to cleanse away the oil and dirt on our hair roots twice to three times a week. End up we have to purchase more than one shampoo and conditioner to battle our problem *gosh*. However, having two different shampoos and conditioners may not combat the problem.

Light, clarifying shampoos and conditioners targeted at oily roots cause hair ends to be drier than it already is. Conversely, nourishing shampoos and conditioners for dry hair may be too rich for the scalp, resulting in excessive build-up at the roots, giving you that uncomfortable, oily feeling by mid-day. Moreover, depending on the thoroughness of the scalp massage during shampooing, such build-up may not be thoroughly washed off, further causing the scalp to feel oily in a shorter time.

So in order to make it easier for us, Essential's new improved range of haircare will solve the "at least two types of shampoo" issue for us.

Light Finishing and Deep Cleansing Care
Introducing the Light Finishing and Deep Cleansing Care of the new improved range from Essential. With the optimum combination of Smart Cuticle Care and Sebum Cleansing Technology, I can now achieve moisturized hair ends while maintaining a refreshed breathable scalp!

But I have an issue, I don't really know which one is suitable for me, usually I will stand at the supermarkets for like 30 minutes just to decide which shampoo I should change to. In order to understand which type to use, Essential FB have a chart for you to check which type is suitable for you.
Taken from
If your hair is more towards very dry ends and little oily roots, you can go for Light Finishing type. It comes with both shampoo and conditioner.
This is the 200ml size
If you are like me, having super oily roots and dry ends, then Deep Cleansing is the choice for you.
After using the Deep Cleansing for a few days, I can feel that my roots are not that oily anymore and I like how smooth my hair ends are after using. And the best part? After blow-drying the hair, it feels smooth and fluffy~~~ It also shorten the time to blow dry my hair. Now my hair feels cleaner and healthier *swift swift* Not only that, I see lesser hair drop too, because my scalp is less oily and it feels rather airy, the tingling cooling feel runs through the scalp. ~~ *yay* And my hair shines under the light *bling bling* 
My Hair after blow-dry. Feels smooth and neat!
See how smooth my hair is after using Deep Cleansing. 
For a limited period of time, Essential is giving away a massage hair brush with the purchase of a 750ml shampoo + conditioner set, and it comes in hot pink and mint green.
I love the hot pink brush!
Massage shampoo brushes are a common hair care tool in Japan and is used by majority of Japanese women both young and old. It is to help remove dirt and sebum more effectively from the scalp. The massaging action on the scalp also helps improve blood circulation and promote relaxation.
That is why whenever I go Japan, I envy those Japanese with nice hair *______*. Now I know their secret to great hair. Time to incorporate this into my daily shampoo-ing routine. I've tried it out so far, damn! I like the massage feel on my head as it feels wonderful to get head massage.  One word to describe! SHIOK!

1. Wet and shampoo hair as usual.
2. Hold brush handle between index and third finger and rub the bristles onto scalp gently from side to side with small movements. Do not move the brush in circular motions and this will cause tangles.
3. Rinse off shampoo and apply conditioner as per normal.

This is so easy to use and for ladies who have painted nails, using a massage shampoo brush prevents the polish from dropping off easily.
From Mid-may onwards all Essential Shampoo 750ml + Conditioner 750ml comes with a massage brush in hot pink or mint green in all leading supermarket at the price of $19.60. 

If you are not sure if Deep Cleansing Care shampoo and conditioner is the right one for you, fret not! Right now Essential Singapore is giving away sample sizes of both the shampoo and conditioner on their facebook. Remember to like them and follow them on instagram @essentialsingapore for more updates ! 

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