Sunday, September 26, 2010

The garden Slug

Ok, I think I need to update more with decent topics and pics hahaha.... besides joining giveaways that is... :P anyways the garden slug. what is it you might ask, for those who know, good for you. located at a well pretty ulu place TO ME. Located at Eunos area, the garden slug is actually a nice cozy cafe.

One corner of the place. Lovely bookshelf where we are allowed to browse through the books. and the flooring looks pretty vintage.

Look at the side corner of the shelf. added the vintage touch app from iphone :P doesn't it looks like 70s?? hahaha

Another corner. with Pearly's head popping in hahaha

At the top of the menu, I like the tagline ;)

Sinful BUT yummy food. consisting of brownie stick, gelate vanilla ice-cream, tiramisu, strawberries, grapes, william peare and cinnamon stick. yummyy!!!!

Nachos with homemade cheese!!! its addictive!!! and super sinfull!!!!

Fried tofu... yum yum... and ok I don't know where I threw the photos of the chicken wings. super yummy.... ok addicted to the garden slug. the purpose of us going there was actually to pass Mich her bday present before she flew to Thailand for her holiday. the present could come in handy def. aren't we good friends??? hehehe if not I don't think i'll be in the right mind to head down to her office just to have dinner at the garden slug. its freaking far and ulu in my opinion. if you don't drive that is.

besides the garden slug, there's this pet hotel shop. opp i mean not directly beside. saw this freaking huge rabbit!!! Mich says its been there ever since she started working there.

look at the draping ears!!! its really biggg!!! as far as I've seen in my life.

And there's this cute little doggie who came to us, wagging his tail. we were standing outside of the shop though.... and look at the bossy cat behide hahaha....the dog actually followed the cat wherever the cat goes... ok I shouldn't label the dog as he, i don't even know if its a she or a he anyway.... so cute isn't it???? harmless compared to Joyce's Milo... who attacked me freely today .... I felt its teeth preparing to sink into my flesh any moment.... but Milo's butt sure looks yummy *oppps*


  1. Aww youre seriously making me go hungry... again
    haha the food just looks so tempting arr gotta get some bfast now hahaha

    Anyway our neighbor has a giant bunny as well XD
    she just so loves to eat I mean ive never seen her stop eating haha

    Well thats just good cause we have a lawn mower now haha :P

    Also Im having a giveaway ~~ you might want to check it out too hehe

    Take Care :)

  2. Like the tag in the menu but overall the cafe looks interesting :)

    Greetings from Japan!

  3. @ Jessica. hehehe... the food is total ♥ ♥ hehee.... you should just eat infront of the com seriously.. awwww soooo cute giant bunny but i wonder if it actually will start biting people.... hahaha....

    okie I'll post that up soon on my blog about your giveaway ~~~

    @ I Live. I [♥]. In Tokyo. thanks for dropping by!!! hehehe.... yeap the cafe really looks interesting

  4. @ HarumiPq. *nods nods* you should check the place out... since you live in the east, nearer for you to get there just need to know which bus to take hahaha :)

  5. @ Mads Kristian ★☆. not only looks but yummy too ;)

  6. That place looks very interesting and the food looks so delicious, especially the dessert plate. :-)

  7. @ Sakie and Thomas Gantz. yeapppp the food is really good ehehe...

    @ Ken. yeapppp cute right?? but a little too big!!!


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