Sunday, August 22, 2010

My blusher collection

:X i hadn't got the time to upload any stuffs these few days... thus no post. but i'm still around. hahaha. anyways had BBQ on Friday then Natsu Matsuri on Sat.... weeee~~~ so sad that Ian couldn't make it, he didn't get to book out on time *sob sob* So went with Harumi-chan and Pearly, whom went off with her friends after that. didn't really take photos, all with Harumi-chan. Shall wait for her to upload.... she was in yellow pretty yukata, and me, in red jinbei. too lazy to wear yukata. hahahaha

Happy that i managed to get this. coz for the past two year I tried getting this but SOLD OUT!!! this was the last piece when I got there. BUTTTT i saw people wearing Kamen Rider W mask and Accel's MASK!!! gosh I wanted to steal from those people... *sob sob* oh wells.... those who knows me will know I'm a fan of Kamen Rider hahahaha

Got this too from the fest. Harumi-chan bought this for me. ♥♥♥I just love anything related to pearls... isn't this lovely!!! and its only for S$4.90. *shrugs* i'm not too sure if its cheap. all i know its reasonable, i guess. don't really shop for earrings though hahahaa.

When I wore it. hehehe i think i shall wear this to work tomorrow. ♥♥♥

Ok, today super tempted to get a pink blusher since I don't own any. been wanting actually just take I asked Wendy to get me Dolly Wink blusher, all the stuffs have yet to arrive hahaha. :P I'm a silly girl. anyways went wastons to get my koji glue, saw L'Oreal's blusher, seems ok, price ok, so bought it. and tada! this is my tweeeny collection of blusher.

Out of these few, I actually bought 2. the rest were gifts from people. *oooppss* this shows how i seldom shop for blusher, I think i head more for eyeshadows hahahaa.

The colors.... hmmmm rather red, brown.....L-R: Loreal's pink mashallow, Clinque's shy blush, MAC sheer peach, Red Earth berry kiss and CD Effets Blush.

The three swatches from CD. I usually use the middle color. Got this from Pearly. The color on the L is really light on my skin, and the one on the R is really too dark for me. *shrugs* probably good for clubbing hahaha but I don't club.

L-R. Clinque's shy blush, MAC sheer peach, L'Oreal's pink mashmallow and Red Earth berry kiss. I seriously can't see much of pink mashmallow though *shrugs* probably must apply more plus my hands are fairer than my face... don't ask why.....shall try it on tomorrow for work...

My favorite one will be MAC's sheer Peach. gives me a better radiance color on my face.... ♥ what about yours???? what's your favorite blusher???

Anyone playing City story on iphone???? please add me if you do!!!! jellytelly is the stormid!!! ♥♥


  1. The earrings are PRETTY! <3
    And have an interesting collection of blushers! I always ,for some weird reason ended up buying stuff that is in the same shade with what I already have.. =/

  2. That earrings are just really cute!

  3. @ aisyah De Cullen. thanks hehehe.... ya!!! sometimes i do too!!! for eyeshadows is just that we can't get enuff of the same shade!!! hahaha

    @ Becky. thanks!!!

  4. Jinbei is cute too! Ahaha shall buy my own sets next time! Thanks so much for lending me! Will post the pics on my blog soon! =X

  5. Those earrings are so cute =)

  6. @ HarumiPQ. ya!!! u should get a set,.... so much easier to wear too!!! heheh okie dokie... ♥ ♥

    @ Susie. thanks!!!

  7. aww your earrings are so cute. My favorite blush is still Shell Pearl from MAC.

  8. @ Kristie. thanks!!! ooohhhh shall check that our soon~~~

    @ Mei. thanks ^_^


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