Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Review: Majolica Majorca Mascara

Ok, someone asked for a review on my new purchase Majolica Majorca Lash Bone Black Fiber and Lash Gorgeous Wing Mascara that I've bought. Ok not too new but finally got around using it and took actually a picture of it *coughs*
This was the package that I've bought.

Tried applying it on my bare eyelashes and it actually applied on the lashes really fast and quick after 3 strokes. Not like the Maybelle that I've used before which i need to brush quite a number of times before any fiber actually sticks themselves on my lashes. Next is the lash gorgeous wing, also after 3 strokes it applies real fast on my lashes.

Ok so far no con on it but it is not very obvious as i thought it will be because of the package hahaha... I'm so freaking lame but also probably because I've got really short eyelashes. but it really volume up my fake lashes. However to remove it is a chore for me. ^_^"' Ok this is the picture of one eye applied with the mascara and one without. I think it really does do a little volume up.

Gosh I think I'll stick to normal posts about food instead... I'm so bad at review beauty products =.='''


  1. i like it to apply it on my lower lashes but hate it when its so hard to remove =(

  2. @ daidai bel. ya!! its hard to remove them. I can't apply on my lower lashes becoz there's no lashes to start off with. so sad =(

  3. don't get discouraged dear!!! It really takes practice..:)) haha

    Thanks for sharing btw..:)

    PS : I followed you!! :3

    Much Love,
    enchi :3

  4. @ enchi. thanks I will try to practice more so I can do better reviews the next time hehehe... thanks so much for the follow ~~~

    @ sugar sugar. yes it works. compare to the previous mascaras that I've used... hehee

  5. I think you did a good job! Writing reviews is hard I think haha. Anyhow, the mascara worked and it looks good on you! I should maybe try this type when I need new mascara^^

  6. Yeah!! It'd be awesome if I get to catch them filming.. >.<!!! I'm really so excited!!!! hhaha XD

  7. Awesome review! Will try this one next time!

  8. @ さらまり. thanks for the encouragement =) ya its hard to me too but I'm amazed by those who do great reviews =) You should when you need one ^_^

    @ enchi. ya it'll be super awesome!! good luck to you!!

    @ Ashley. Thanks.... do let me know if it works great on you too ^_^

  9. wow it looks like an awesome product....i wonder where i can get hold of it since i live in the uk?! hmmm...
    thanks for the review ^___~

  10. @ Joanna. yeap pretty good in my opinion.... hmmm try drugstores??? If you can't get I can get it for you here and send it over if you like....
    you are most welcomed. =D

  11. nice review ^^ i love the packaging :3

  12. @ Naka. thanks... yeap the packaging is nice!!!


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