One Stop Station: Eyelashes Sales

Items have now been slashed for the Xmas Sale!!! Grab them before they are sold out!! They are all worth the price for a box of 10 sets of lashes and you can reuse them for x number of times, depending on how you handle after every wear. 

*Do take note that all prices listed are in Singapore dollar. (:

Crossed Pattern #1
Crossed lashes, where lashes criss-crossed with each other, giving a fuller look. 
This is the cross pattern handmade eyelashes with hard bone structure. This is good for those who prefer harder bone, especially single eyelids. With this eyelashes, you can create beautiful double eyelid.
Beautiful Criss Cross pattern 

Crossed Pattern #2
Another crossed lashes, that is of a soft bone structure. Good for people who wants the have a zero feeling of the presence of fake lashes. This gives a very natural look, this set of lashes ain't too thick and is suitable for daily look. And its one of my favourite daily use fake lashes.
Soft and natural look with good support.
Crossed Pattern #3
This is another crossed pattern, soft bone structure lashes. However, this is of a more bold visible cross pattern. But not too long for dramatic look. Good for daily use too. 
Similar to Lashes #2 but with a longer lashes at the end, with a mix of long and short lashes to give a fuller look
Crossed Pattern #4
Another set of crossed pattern soft bone lashes. Similar looking like pattern #3. However, the difference is the look that the lashes gives out is softer than pattern #3. Because, the lashes are a mixed of black and brown, which doesn't give much of a loud look.
For natural and volume look yet with a soft touch instead of full black lashes, go for this set. 
Crossed Pattern #5
Last set of the soft bone crossed pattern #5. Simple yet elegant for a date look as this has a bone structure that is barely visible. Mixed with long and short lashes like #3, this is a perfect set for date. Highly recommended for lovers of lashes.
Barely visible bone structure
Straight Pattern #1
This is a straight pattern lashes, with hard bone structure. A good set of lashes for a night of party or a date. batter your eyelashes with this set of lashes.