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Taiwan Trip - Smokey Joe's Apartment Hotel (冒煙的喬_就是公寓旅店)

Got the chance to visit Smokey Joe's Apartment Hotel (冒煙的喬_就是公寓旅店) at Gaoxiong during this trip and I was glad that we had two nights there. This Hotel is gorgeous and I love their design concept. Rather quirky and having the Texas feel in the middle of Gaoxiong.

When i walked it, I was greet by a lovely vintage turquoise car and the day we checked it, it was pretty late. I had the opportunity to see the lovely balloons lighting up the lobby in their brightest colours. I was awed away by the scene that I didn't want to go up to my room yet. *haha* But little did I know, my room was another wonderful little cozy area for photos too.
I love how the lights shines during the night. 
After playing around at the lobby, I finally lug my luggage up to my room, the double room. I was welcomed with a lovely pinkish room with a little western taste. I loved every single details in the room. The side lamp is actually in a shape of the tap, the dressing table is lovely though the mirror was a little too far for my liking but it is spacious enough for me.
I can sleep without worries when I have three animal heads looking over me 
The other side of the room, please pardon my luggage and the bags. 
They have like super cute toilettes too! It's like they branded everything to match the style of the hotel, with a little tint of cozy and cuteness in the little details of the room. Even the bath mat has the hotel logo, though I didnt take any photos, because I only realised after getting out of the shower *haha*.
Look at how cute the labels of each package are! Credit: 周杰克.  
Whoever is the designer has pretty much done a decent job to design each product here. Credit: 周杰克 
I had the chance to visit two other sizes room, that's the Quad Room and the Balcony Quad Room.
Quad Room, with two queen size bed. Credit: 周杰克
This room is a combination of English and British style, the posters in each room are randomly choose to be placed. BTW the toilet door is pretty cool too! It's a slide door which has metal poles as part of their design. Rather unique but heavy when i tried to close it.
Small cozy corner.
The sofa area, even the sofa is uniquely designed. And that's the staff from the Apartment Hotel. 
The Balcony Quad Room is a great room to book if you have kids and wants them to have some entertainment while you slip the tea/coffee complementary from the hotel. Or you want to have a home feel when you check into the hotel with your friends/ family, this is the room to book for. It is spacious enough to rest after a long day out on your trip.
The spacious living room
The living room is well equipped with a table hockey, lovely vintage sofa set and a vintage fridge. 
The table hockey that you can enjoy when you are back in the room. Credit: 周杰克 
There's a mini balcony to look out to the lovely view to relax after a long day out when you don't feel like staying in your room. The bedroom is exactly like the Quad Room, well-equipped with two cozy queen beds and a lovely armchair. 

Each room is labeled with an alphabet and room number. Using 24 letters out of the 26 standard letters, each label is well-designed, hand crafted too. As mentioned by the boss, the unit numbers are made up with screws, slowly done by the staffs. Bravos to them to do such a great job. I stayed at Room Z and here's a N for you guys. 
Each letter will light up when there are occupants inside the room. 
Since there are only 24 rooms, give it a try and guess which two alphabets are omit from their list (hehe).

If you are planning to visit Gaoxiong, do consider their hotel, if you like something western and a little vintage touch. 

Address of Smokey Joe's Apartment Hotel: 
91 Wufu 4th Rd Yancheng Dist Kaohsiung City 803, Taiwan
80344 台灣高雄市鹽埕區五福四路91號

Tel: 07-5210987
Fax: 07-5215688
Email to make a reservation:
Official website:

Double Room - TWD5,000
Quad Room - TWD8,000
Balcony Quad Room - TWD10,000

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